Dec 28, 2010

Belated Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had been able to wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas but those days are so busy for us that I barely had time to blow dry my hair after my shower.  So here it is late MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got everything you wished for and had a wonderful time with Friends and family. We had the best couple days and we are so blessed to have everyone in our lives that are there.

We'll in the saddest news I didn't get a single piece of fabric or notion for Christmas. (poor me) I will be receiving a quilting magazine sometime in the new year. Thank you Grandma!

I had a full plate of housewife and mommyness things to do, so most likely no sewing till the new year. I wish I had taken a picture of the sweet little mug rugs I made or my grandparents though. Well picture to come after I am able to visit them.

Dec 22, 2010

Half finished Christmas gift

The other day like 2 weeks ago I got hair up my rear to make my kid a quilt for Christmas. I got a smattering of Suess fabic and started sewing it up. Well here it is 1 days beofre Christmas and all she's getting is the finished top. So I'm really going to wrap it up just like this and finish it later. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I had to improvise since no one was around to help me hold it up.

finally the picture is here.

I fibbed a little about having the picture up last night. I totally meant to do it but after work I went and ran a few errands and came home to a sweet little girl complaining that I never let her go anywhere. She wanted to spend the night with a friend and I said I don't know yet. So then I thought about it and The thought came to me if she goes somewhere then we can run to the store and get the last big gift I needed for her. So instead of a friend she went of to Grammie's house for a fun filled night of Just Dance 2. I'm actually really jealous, I love that game. I have no dance rhythm in me but somewhere in the past year I have found the strength inside myself to have fun and not care if other people make fun of me while I dance my chubby little heart out.

So here it is the moment you have all been waiting for my hourglass blocks..................

Dec 17, 2010

I'm eating my words

Remember a few blog posts ago when I said "well it snowed today but it will melt and then we won't have anymore until the new year" or something like that......WELL IT KEEPS SNOWING!!!!!!!! For someone like me who likes snow I'm so excited. (I was also able to get my patio furniture covered too)

I haven't been working on much but a while back I thought I would be thrifty and I bought some turnovers on eBay. I bought 2 of the cheapest ones to bid on and what I got was The Caroler. (excuse me it's 7 in the morning I've had no coffee names are not my thing right now.) Now I don't really like it but the colors are bright so I threw all the triangles in a basket and randomly sewn them together and if that wasn't enough I cut them in half and back in the basket they went and I sowed them together again. Well I will post the picture after work. I can't find my memory card thing.

I hope you all are having a fun in the snow or cold. Also I hope you are not being like me and still running to stores every chance you get to buy stuff for your loved ones. This Christmas has surely snuck up on me.

Dec 9, 2010

Just one of them days

I wanted to go office space on my sewing machine last night. The spool of thread keep coming off of the stick thing and it was causing tension problems. I was getting to the point of taking a baseball bat to this thing. Wow that sounds so violent. I guess I'm going to have to start buying the large spools so they don't fall off.

I'm down to one thing to sew the binding on before I will let myself start working on more unfinished quilt tops. Thats exciting. Other than it being freezing cold here things are going well. The Colt's play the Titans tonight! GO HORSE!!!!!!!!!

Dec 8, 2010

Today's a laundry day. I love it when you have all fresh and cean and fluffy throws straight from the dryer. The clean clothes I guess are just a bonus. Wrapping presents in between loads. I may also make some muffins. Hope your all having a wonderful day.

Dec 7, 2010


Since my morning posting was suppose to happen yesterday I'm posting the one I was going to do today. So lucky you two posting in one day.

I woke up this morning with a plan in mind. I knew My daughter was going on an after school field trip and my husband had a safety meeting at his job so I had the TV all to myself. So what you say.....well I had a couple movies I found while I was dusting that I wanted to watch. The Notebook....Memoirs of a Geisha.....and Defiantly Maybe. I also had a lot of bindings to sew, so I watched 3 movies in a row and got a couple of the bindings done.
Do you do this, sit down to do something while watching a movie and get distracted by the movie and wind up watching it? I did today so I wasn't able to get them all done. I was able to get the quilt I made for my Mom for Christmas. I really hope she loves it. Here it is as a preview to all of you fresh from the dryer.

Happy Birthday to you!

I wanna say happy birthday to my WONDERFUL husband! What kinda shape would I be in if you weren't around to tell me to go sew every time I got annoyed. Your a great dad and fixer of things. I'm so glad your around and I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

p.s. This is a day late. Oops! I forgot to schedule the posting to go out.

Dec 3, 2010

Well after the hysterics of my hobo post. (I'm still giggling) I can attest to the fact that I am back logged on the quilting front. I have about a million things I need to sew binding to but I really don't want to so what did I do instead. I went to Lowes. Do you have Lowes where you live? If not it's like Home Depot but way better. I bought a quart of  "wheat" paint. Honestly it looks like off white. I might settle for an oatmeal mixed with milk color but who's judging the people name paint colors. I got 4 new hardware knobs and came home and got busy. Oh course I didn't get a picture of the before and not really interested in going through 4 years of pictures to see if I have one so I'll just give you the after.

Please ignore the wax ring on my coffee table. We are putting in a new toilet this weekend. I'm excited!!! For those of you who live in ancient houses because you want to and deal with toilet flushing difficulties you understand how excited I am. (it doesn't help that our town has really hard water and our water softener probably needs to be updated.)

So before it was a natural oak color maybe. It had brass hardware where the knob is in the middle and then there are some swirly things that are nailed into the cabinet doors.  Now it is so much better although I picked out the knobs before the color and maybe should have used a darker color.

Dec 2, 2010

My hobo pie carrying package

I was leafing through some magazine last week. I think it was one of the Better Homes and Gardens crafty ones I had laying around and out popped this pie carrying holder. So after cooking all day I whipped one of these up before we went to our pre-Thanksgiving dinner ( My mother in law always has a family dinner the night before we go to the huge family dinner the next day.)
So the way it works is you slip the little handles over the big long handle and make yourself a little hobo pie carring holder minus the stick. My daughter found this hilarious and I kinda do to now. How funny would it be to see someone walking around with a hobo package and it had a stick you could lean it over your shoulder. I don't know about you but the word hobo is so funny. I'm literally about to pee my pants laughing while I type this.

I'm sorry I know it's rude to laugh over the word hobo but it really goes back to a family humor thing.
See it's so humerus that this summer I took a picture of this convenient store in Alabama and I brought back a fountain cup with the stores label for my bubs.

Dec 1, 2010

kids, candles and snow

While I'm finally getting around to the pictures promised from the other day. First we have nieces and nephews. Damion the one on the right in the top picture cracks me up. He refused to have his picture taken and so since I'm such a wonderful aunt I promised him gum to do it. Well this booger is so smart that he remembered how many pictures I took and was slightly annoyed when my mom only gave him 1 piece instead of 6.
These guys were having super fun playing in the boxes they were like pop up monsters.

Here is my beautiful candle mat I received in the swap I did. I love it and the second picture is with a candle burning. My partner did a wonderful job!!!! It was a lovely gift after having such an exhausting day. I love it so much that I'm going to make a quilt to match it. I knew I bought all that 12 days of Christmas fabric for a reason.     

We put our tree up Saturday. We got a new one last  year after Christmas because after 2 years of having a 6ft tree in a house with 12 ft ceilings I felt we needed something more proportionate. My hubby loving yesterday went out and bought me new LED lights for it and instead of having to have like 6 strands this 1 strand does the job. Now where is the energy to go down in the creepy basement and pull out the ornaments. Those of you that have fake trees I recommend you running out to either Bath and Body Works or Yankee candle and buying one of those tree smelling candles. Unless the reason you buy fake is because you don't like the smell. I do fake because I would forget to water it. I guess that's why all my house plants are of the please only water me when you see me wilting variety.

Lastly I love the weather today! I went to bed and woke up to snow!!!! Granted it's only a dusting and we won't get dumped on for probably another month it's still so beautiful.  This one is when I was dropping H off at school.

This one is of my patio. See the snow came early this year and I haven't covered my patio set. Good thing after this melts I'll be able to get it done. But it looks so pretty with the snow.

Nov 27, 2010

I have had a very fun and eventful last couple weeks. First I started a new job and I love it! Second my niece and nephew were here for a visit this past week. Third I 've been sewing stuff up and well shopping. How did you all fair for black Friday? I am so exhausted from it. I was suppose to work the day and not get to go shopping, but I got all my stuff done so I met up with my mom, aunt, sis in law and cousin and started shopping. I got some great deals but what I didn't get was a nap. So after the shopping all day, We went to the Pacers game. It's like a family tradition that we got to the game the day after thanksgiving. So mix in one very exhausted girl and a game that started later and throw in an overtime. I was punch drink. It was a good time but it reminds me I am not as young as I once was. I can't go on 4 hours of sleep and then stay up all day and most of the night. Best part of the day was getting the mail and I got my candle mat!!!!! All the way from England. Pictures to come tomorrow of everything. I loaned my camera out for the evening and forgot to take the memory card out of it. Happy Holidays!

Nov 11, 2010

Oh I almost forgot.

Happy Veterens Day to all who have served in our armed forces. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

UMMMMM this wasn't suppose to be so big!!!!

Last year at my lqs there was a very lovely throw size quilt hanging near the register. I wish I had a picture of it but i feel silly whipping out my camera at a store. It had a sign that said made with 25 fq. It happened to be fat quarter day so I picked up 25. (on the 25th of every month you can get 25 fq's for 30 bucks) Let me say again IT WAS THROW SIZE!!!!!!!!!!! It also had a pattern so you could know what to do. I got my fq's and a couple weeks later I was asking the lady who made it what to do. Well I could have picked a better day cause it was the end of the birthday sale day and she was tired. I would be too. I had gone during the morning and had to leave cause A. it was so hot in there. It was like body to body and B. the line was so long. Peps had bolts stacked as high as their height to be cut. Not the best day for me to want 4 yrds of a white and 5 yrds of some browns and that be it. (40% off ladies so I tried to stay in the line but my patience got the best of me so I came back later and used my coupon and actually had a better selection to choose from.  So I just went home and did what I thought following the pattern.

I've been working on this thing for a while now. It's become my best friend along with my seam ripper. We're the 3 best friends that anyone can have....We're the 3 best friends that anyone can have....We're the 3 best friends that anyooonnnnee caaannn haveeee. 

So after getting the pieces all cut and sewn back together and spending the past 2 weeks trimming these blocks to size during Grey's (the only shown I watch now a days) I FINALLY figured out the way I wanted to sew the blocks together. The pattern showed one way I say no way man I'm twisting and turning these. I sit down after dropping H off at school and start sewing. I got about 7 strips sewn and look over and say "Umm this is looking a little bigger than i thought." So I wrestle with myself and decided to sew the rest cause really what am I going to do with all these blocks if i don't use them? The funny thing about the pattern was on the very last page it said what she did to make it smaller. AAAHAHAHAA read all directions before taking the test. I forgot that lesson from school. So goodbye throw size and hello queen size.

I have them all sewn together and my intention was to have this finished by the end of the month but it turned out huge and the funniest part is I didn't buy enough fabric to back it.....hahaha! Now i gotta go get more and what I choose is all gone cause I bought the last 4 yrds they had. So a pieced back it will be.

Side note- I do not purchase everything at once. I will buy all the fabric to make the top then later go and find the backing and after it's quilted i take the whole thing with me to find the binding, Crazy I know. I just have a hard time making decisions like that all at one time.

Nov 10, 2010

I am so disappointed I wasn't there

PACERS: Pacers 144, Nuggets 113
I had to share. I am stunned that we were able to pull this kinda win. I wish I had a time travel machine and could have gone!!!!! This is what I get for passing up the game to stay home. BOOO on me. Great hustle guys and I know it, your making playoffs this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 8, 2010

I can't believe I'm this lucky....

Well I didn't win anything other than the weather lottery. I forgot to plant the bulbs I bought in H's school fundraiser and as I contemplated digging in frozen dirt and making it work. I go out to get the mail today and it's 70 degrees! So I grabbed my gardening shoes and small shovel and got to digging. Yeah I feel so much better without that looming over me.

I have my candle mat all quilted now i just need to run over to the my lqs and pick up something for the binding. Nothing i have really suits it and I wasn't bright enough to get it when I bought the fabric. I never found and inspiration for the corner appliques but maybe something will hit me but I think it's to late now. So Just gotta bind this kid up and maybe find a couple little gifts to toss in my box and get this guy in the mail.

I got this top done today as well. Last family my grandma who sews decided to go through her fabric and bring me stuff. It included this bag of this old school Christmas fabric and I thought well lets just sew it up quick and have a quilt to cuddle on for the Christmas season. This will not even go with my decorations which are blue and silver and white. Maybe this will give me another reason to get another Christmas tree. Yes I have 4 at the moment. Is it excessive....probably but I like them. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are and getting a few last minutes things done.

Nov 4, 2010

I can't believe

it's November already. I hope everyone has a had a wonderful Halloween. Ours started out rocky but improved after a couple houses. h had spent the whole fall break with her grandma who probably didn't stick to a single bedtime schedule so we had a cranky child for a bit.
Well this is what I have been working on. Yesterday I got home from my work meeting and realized in the whole time we have lived in this house we have yet to eat dinner at our kitchen table. Well mainly because it hasn't been in our kitchen. As you an see it's a little crowded and i had never in my wildest dream would have thought it looked OK in there but I said to myself, "self  lets just for fun move that table in the kitchen and see what happens." I LOVE IT!!!!!! Please ignore the further view where you see clutter and half hardwood half carpet. I'm a slow mover and we I am taking up the carpet in the other rooms so we I can refinish the lovely hardwood floors.

Next I have this lovely treasure I found for free at a garage sale. (my moms garage sale and I just brought it home) The cushion is like plastic and the wood is an ugly shade. I am currently painting it but I have been kinda busy and haven't finished much.
A nice little Dresden plate made with some Amy Butler. 2 or 3 more to follow this one when I have more than 5 minutes at a time in my sewing nook. Most likely to be a wall hanging for myself or a Christmas gift. Not sure how selfish I'm feeling.
I made this with my left over scraps. I was inspired with all the scrap posts that I saw while I was at work bored to tears wishing i could at least bring in my baby singer to pass the time away. I followed this tutorial ticker tape quilt from crazy mom quilts. it was really easy and if I could ever sit still long enough to make a larger one I surely would. I used my left over scraps from my candle mat swap fabric
And last but not least. I was talking about this quilt in my i quit post. I got it all machine quilted and I sewed the binding on during Volleyball practices the past week. I finished it up and it was my wubby for my dentist appointment.Why do they always make that play freezing. I take a quilt every time I go.
The only problem is In the first picture I guess I did something while I sewed the binding on with my machine because a small piece kinda slipped out while I was hand sewing it to the back. I'm not redoing the whole thing. Is there a way I could maybe patch it? This baby isn't going to anyone just for my viewing pleasure.  Hopefully I will get some time to myself to get more stuff done, but it's not looking likely.
My weekend looks like this
Thursday -volleyball
Friday - Basketball game
Saturday - Brothers Housewarming.( Do I give a gift?)
Sunday - Disney Live
Monday- volleyball and girl scouts!

Oct 20, 2010

Seriously overwhelmed

I haven't been able to sew anything since this weekend and who knows when I'll be able to get back to the nook. I have a mountain of laundry to do.  My house will look like a tornado hit it if I don't get it done today and of course I need to run a thousand errands because I get told stuff last minute, and my dog is one bowl of food away from running out(note to self, next dog just feed them the crap from the grocery store not the special stuff you have to drive across town for)  I'm kinda wondering if I can work full time and be a good mom and wife while my hubby is working a million hours a week. How do other people do it. I'm feeling spread pretty thin lately.

list of things to do: bind 6 projects, finish piecing 3, start cutting out 2 and quilt and bind the candle mat.Once all this is done I'm going to have to take a sewing break and do a clean sweep so it won't look like an episode of hoarders around here. ( In my mind it does but it really doesn't)

Oct 18, 2010

Fabric giveaways happening

here and here.  The first one is a choice between a bundle of Jill Gordan cottage garden or a artisan bundle of batiks from Robert Kaufman which is very fallish in the colors. The second giveaway is for a FQ bundle of meadowsweet 2. GO GO GO try to win either one!

Oct 15, 2010

Happy friday and hopefully a good weekend.

I'm making this for my mom. This is only a couple of the blocks for the quilt I will be giving her for Christmas. She likes greens and browns and just for fun I through in a couple reds that I've had laying around. I hope she likes it!
12 down 24 more to go.

Oct 14, 2010


way do you think these blocks look better? With every other one turned a quarter or with them all facing the same direction? I've been working on this quilt for so long and now I want it done but I'm stuck and can't decide which way to sew them together.

So is it A?
or B?

It's begining to look a lot like......

A little while back I signed up for a candle mat swap featuring Christmas fabrics unless you didn't want Christmas. The lovely lady I'm sending to asked for old Christmas with deeper reds and greens. My interpretation of this is this..........Sorry these pictures are bad. I had to use my phone cause i left my memory card else where and my camera was full.

Theses are red but b/c of the camera they look brown

all the sides
So this is the finished block. I need to think of something to applique to the squares on the sides but I kinda like it. What do you think?

Oct 13, 2010

I quit!!!! and I need a quilt holder for pictures.

Last year I made this quilt with a charm pack. I had no clue what I was doing but I had fun doing it. So somewhere in my brain the idea came to me that it would be ohhhh sooooo fun to hand quilt this guy. Well since I have not a clue how to hand stitch crap anything, it has pretty much been folded over a hanger on my bedroom door for the past oh 18 months. Yeah seems like a waste of getting to use it cause by the time I was finished with it I'd probably be in the grave. So I'm quitting and I'm going to machine quilt it.  YAY FOR QUITTERS!!!

 In other fun news, Yesterday I had to go visit it my diabetes peps and she thought it was about time to upgrade from my dinosaur of a meter to a sleek new colorful one and I even got to pick my color. Yay pink!
I'm sure this is the part where your seriously wondering about my sanity. I know this is a quilty blog and here I am showing you boiling cauliflower. My fabulous hubby HATES most veggies. So as the loving and wonderful wife that I am hides them in many foods because I like them. So while my family last night thought they were having Wisconsin Cheddar soup we were really having Wisconsin cauliflower cheddar soup and it was delicious. Thank you Rachel Ray for helping us with picky eaters hide food in food.. :)

Oct 12, 2010

So I haven't done much sewing and I really realized it when I came to drop my memory card. It's all of Hailie, so I guess this was a weekend of spending time with my daughter. I only have one kid and the older she gets the faster I realize I'm running out of time for her to think I'm cool and her wanting to hang out with me. Geez why do they gotta become a teenager. When she was little, like toddler little, I would ask her if she would stay little forever and her reply always was "nope I gotta grow up mommy" So here are a few pictures of my little girl growing up. I should also mention I am so proud of her!!! She was elected a school ambassador at school this past week, she made MVP for her volleyball game last Thursday and when she was at the dentist last week she got her cavity filled with NO NUMBING. Who does that?

Her team decided she needed to be held & ran around the gym

This picture cracks me up. This is H with my brother who is to "awesome" to have his picture taken with his niece. Hehehe so I got one anyway.

And even though she's growing up and getting older.  She's still not to old to chalk up the sidewalk. This is what I found when I went to tell her dinner was ready. I love this kid!

I guess I'll get to sewing when I can. It's not a race and I'll take my time to enjoy the little things in life.

On a side note I will get to go buy more fabric today for my candle mat swap. I'm just not that sure I like what I bought. So I'm going to scope another quilt shop that I heard was pretty good (I also hear they have stuff my fav store doesn't carry.)

Oct 6, 2010

My almost first quilt.

When I got married almost four years ago, I wanted to have a quilt made for people to sign. Back then I didn't know much about signature quilts. I just knew I wanted to have something warm to curl up and cuddle with my hubby that had special meaning to us. My grandma showed me how to cut it...i.e she cut the fabric while I watched. I learned about ironing safety that day as well but as long as no one is calling cps I'll share. First when the iron is hot and you are using the kitchen table as an iprov sewing studio be sure when your done with the iron and it is still remove it from the edge of the table or at least turn it from having the hot side to the outside. Poor H ran into the house from playing outside and ran her small little arm right into that iron. Luckily it didn't scar to bad sometimes I can see faint little holes but that may just be my guilt . I was going to have these squares sewn together and hanging somewhere on the day of the wedding. Well as things go I never go them sewn together, so the squares were going to go on in a basket and people could sign the square and then later I would sew them together.

Fast forward to the wedding day........Forgot to put the baskets out! It seems that the day of your wedding is a very hectic day. I even forgot to walk down the aisle holding my bouquet!

So here it is. Top is done and it was quilted very minimal so it's just waiting for me to bind it up.

Oct 5, 2010

Let's get ready to be busy!

It's quilt along day. Today we start sewing.  Last week we covered cutting. I just grabbed some fabric from Joann's two weeks ago while I was there picking up half price thread. I now remember why I don't like to get fabric from there. They never cut it correctly and you wind up with funky cuts and have to toss out most of what you needed  when you are making everything right so you can cut,due to the carelessness of the way they keep the bolts and they way the hack into them. I'm sure I should have gone to my LQS but since this is mostly for practice I thought what the heck. I made strippy squares with the stuff I couldn't get 4.5 inch squares out of So it wasn't to wasted.

H is home with me today. She has to go to the dentist and has to have a cavity filled :(

Oct 4, 2010


Here comes Monday, again, and it sure it's not very welcome today. It's freezing in Indiana today. I feel the need to turn the heat on. If you haven't been here the saying rings true to it's word. You go from turning off your air conditioner to turning your heat on in one day. No quilting progress over the weekend.

I helped my Brother move into his first home. It's such a beautiful house. Congrats to him!

Sunday after work it was chili and the Colts game. Dad came over and watched with us. What an exciting game. It was to bad we lost though. Better luck next week. Better football news Michigan State won again! GO GREEN! I have an idea for a mini quilt for my sewing room. Everyday when I take H to school I pass by a MSU flag that is green with a white S. How fun would that be to make that with all your green scraps. I try to pencil it out but my S is no good.

Speaking of better luck I hope to have better luck to get more progress done. I keep adding things to my list of things I would like to do or try. I did sign up for my first swap!

Sep 29, 2010

Back to square one.

Well after feeling like I have got so much done, Tuesday hit and I didn't do much in the way of sewing. I got ten more blocks sewn on the batik quilt. I don't think that really counts cause it's so easy. I did go to Always in Stitches yesterday to get some fabric for the backs of some of the things I made.

Got a lot of Moda, some of it was from older lines that were in the clearance room. Look at the one that looks like eyelashes (Amy Butler). I love it. I look at it every time I go and I took the plunge and got some.

I did go visit my Husband's Grandma yesterday. Last year I had made her this quilt for Christmas. It has our hands on it so when she cuddles up it's like we're hugging her. Anyway I wasn't a good binding when I made this so of course It needed a fix and I went to take it back and visit. I think in the spring when she gets home I'm going to just put a brand new binding on it. She was so glad to have it back. Rumor is she has missed it but I kinda took a little bit longer than I should have cause I was terrified of my hand sewing skills. I didn't grow up in a house with a crafty sewing mom. She was the type of mom
who could help you out with a handy project. I can use power tools because of her and not feel scared to try new things out.

H looked so cute all snuggled up on this couch this morning.  Today was jammie day at school and she worked so hard at getting the right jammie outfit together. It really is like pieces from three jammie outfits.
I'm so excited to say that I have been following along this quilt along.  It's for baby quilts and you never know when you will need to have one up your sleeve for a quick gift. I have just started getting into these quilting blogs and I can't believe how I ever survived with out them. These people are so talented and quick.

Sep 28, 2010

Feeling accomplished

It's been a few days since I've been here, but to my defense I have been quite busy. It's hard to work a full time job and be a wife and mother and have the house clean., especially when your in the middle of a house repair that leaves your washer and dryer down for a couple days at a time.
I had mentioned Thursday that I was taking an applique class Friday. I LOVED IT! It turns out it is pretty simple and I was OK with it. Not to mention my class instructor was a wonderful woman who was very excited about her purchase of a longarm later this week. I'm so excited for her too (and kinda jealous).If your in Hamilton County and in need of a professional quilter send me a message and I will give you her name and number.   

Then yesterday after work my hubby happened to be home from work early and kindly agreed to H to volleyball practice and grill some dinner so I was able to go to my nook and get some work done. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something so I worked on small projects. I got three table runner tops done. I also have half of a doll quilt done for H's American Girl doll. Last but not least I now have 20 blocks all sewn for my batik quilt. I really love those batik fabrics.

My cheater doll quilt. The scraps from the strippy table runner.
Table runner 1.
table runner 3

one of the batik blocks

Speaking of fabrics I have a somewhat funny story that I can laugh about now. I had about an hour yesterday that I could sit behind the machine before I had to be at work. I go up to my nook and light my very favorite fall candle. ( Harvest by Yankee Candle) get my sewing machine case and start to set it up. ONLY THERE IS NO POWER CORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tear my house up looking for it. Call my hubs at work frantic. I can't find it and he hasn't seen it. All I can do is pray it will turn up. When the thought hits me. Go to Always In Stitches. (my addiction specialists and where I took my class) I wait till 10 cause that's when they open and speed racer my car there. I run not walk but run from the parking lot into the store where I find my most favorite of shop keepers and tell her my dilemma. I go back to the class room and there it is. Still plugged in the wall! My heart is no longer beating crazy and my breathing has slowed, I go back up front and she is holding the cutest FQ and I know I have to have it. We go to the register and pay and I then turn to leave. When I get to my car I realize I have left that cord AGAIN. That cord must heart that store as much as me.
The FQ I had to have