Dec 31, 2011

Happy New Years

Here's to a new year...

1. I plan on finishing all these projects.

2. I hope not to quit sewing once the weather turns nicer

3. Finish home projects that need to be done.

4. Not let all other sewing stuff make me bags, clothes and zippers

I hope you all have a Happy New Years and be safe!

Dec 28, 2011

I can't sleep

So it's midnight and I can't sleep. 
I could go sew but that seems like it would wake the house. 

So the advice of the day is.....When you've had a rough day at work and you think your just going to go read a couple blogs as you lay out n your couch. DON"T DO IT!!!!!! Or you'll wake up at 10pm and realize you just took a 4hr nap and you'll be up all night reading blogs that you just found. Fun times unless you have to get up and  work the next day.

Hope your today is fantastic. Coming soon to a blog near you is a mini quilt I whipped up for my Mother-in-law after I said I wasn't making anything for anyone for Christmas.

Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas may you all have a wonderful time with family and friends! As for us I'll be spending time with this great kid and my hubby!

Dec 10, 2011

Friday night sew, Saturday afternoon share

Last night I participated in the Friday night sew-in.
 I have done this a couple times and it's a time where you can give yourself a night of from doing everything you normally do and give yourself some time to get some sewing done. I know a lot of people use this time for finishing homemade Christmas stuff, but this year I took the time away from making anything for Christmas. I honestly knew I would be rushing at the last minute to get stuff done so I opted out and decided to buy everything. So this is what I made a giant star following this tutorial. It was really easy to make and it made my hubs happy cause instead of buying anything for this I went and got stuff out of the stash. Granted I did use stuff that I didn't love but I really am liking this quilt. How much you say? I see my self making this for two....not one but two!!!! people for Christmas next year.
 Wouldn't this be nice in burnt orange and white for a Texas Longhorns fan?
Or maybe different reds?

So there ya have it. Its a win-win. Hubs is happy I used stuff up. The kid is happy cause she got to go see a Christmas play downtown with friends and I'm happy cause I just got to get down to some 80's tunes and sew my heart away!
Happy Saturday!

Dec 8, 2011


I must not go into the alcohol section of my local kroger very often cause look what i found!!!!!!!!

I'm hooking up with Friday night sew-in this week.

Dec 7, 2011

The one with all the cussing

I am so cussing angry today...

The kind of day where you wake up to a child yelling at you cause they didn't do there yearbook application so they can work on yearbook stuff and it's due today.

Then you have to drive to work with the WORST drivers in AMERICA. Bet you didn't realize they live in Indiana.

Then you get to work and get thrown on a project that you were anticipating.

To then getting back into your car and driving back home with the worst drivers in America.

You then go get the same child from this morning who is complaining that she got in trouble at school for not getting her math homework done. (who is this kid and what is her problem? She normally has her homework done before she leaves school)

Get home to an email from said math teacher trying to give you crap about not paying attention to your child's school life. We're on this kid like white on rice when it comes to school work. We just happened to be teaching her a lesson about happens when we put our friends and fun lie before school and getting good grades. She has only never finished her homework this time.....Which is where my somewhat crappy day turned ugly. Who the heck does this lady think she is?

So you think screw the chores cause I can live with delivery pizza and the growing laundry pile, I just wanna touch fabric. I start cutting my fabric for the chasing chevrons quilt-along when I realize I made a mistake when ordering my background fabric and only ordered 2.25yrds when I should have of gotten 3.5yrds. 

Oh well I'm going to make due until my order comes cause I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find any Kona Pacific around here at my LQS.

                                                     Here is most of the fabric cut out.

             This is a mock up of the chevron right after making my hst's before squaring up and pressing.
                                                                  I think I'm in love.

                 Until then Calgon take me away and Papa John's hurry up cause this girl needs dinner.

Dec 6, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to this guy!!!!!!

Love him as my cheesy face may show!
                                    He is the cheese to my macoroni and the eggs to my bacon!!!

Dec 5, 2011

Wishing for some sunny days

This past spring I reieved a block of the month kit from my monther in-laws bestie. She had purchased it about 10 years ago and had put together 2 or 3 blocks. She realized she wasn't going to finish it so one day when we were over at there house she gave them to me. It took me a while and was one of the last things I worked on before my bloggy vacation
    So as the weather turned to fall and I decided to make my way back to my sewing nook I was looking for a quick project that would serve as motivation to finish some of the quilt tops I was working on last year and into the spring. This was the first one I grabbed. When I was finishing the blocks this spring I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it finsh I didn't have a finishing kit to finish it.

    The day I was looking at this trying to brainstorm what I wanted to do it rained. Then the sun came out and then it got cloudy and then it got sunny. All of a sudden it hit me, just plain ole Kona Grays!! Since the blocks were called Sunny days and I live in Indiana where when we end the summer it turns gray outside. I still need to add another dark gray border around the edge.


I have been wanting to photograph this top for a while but when I get home from work the sun and all light is pretty much non-existint.  So Saturday morning. I grabbed a jacket and some thick socks and went out to get some pictures. The one above is the sky through my trees. I'm sure many people can reconize this winter sky.
My favorite part of this picture is my dog looking at me like I'm dumb and the fall wreath till on the door.
Luckily after this photo shoot I got busy on my Christmas decorations.

Dec 4, 2011


Look at this lovely stack of black, greys and mustard.
 Any suggestions on what I should do it it?

We are of to my in-laws for December Birthdays.

I hope your all having a wonderful Sunday and if your birthday is in December,

Dec 3, 2011

Dresden Pillow

I made my first pillow cover the other day.
I had all these Dresdens I had sewn together but didn't have a plan or purpose
for. I decided to make at least on into a pillow cover since the ones that came on the couch were UGLY.

This lucky guy is current supporting my neck as we speak. Helping me recover from a Saturday of holiday decorating

Dec 2, 2011

Here's to procrastination

I seem to have a theme going when it comes to getting things done right under the wire. This quilt is no exception. I had to have it turned into my lqs but closing time yesterday. These pictures were taking a quarter to five, when they close at five. That's pretty sad since I have had to top done forever.

Maybe there is something to the saying about time flying when your having fun, or your children are growing up. It seems like the other day that I signed up to make this quilt.
 So I wanted to share the reason I actually decided to do this. Most people signed up for the chance to win a janome or a go baby cutter. Being someone who never wins anything and I mean anything, I decided to make this because all i could think about was if my brother (who is on deployment in the middle east) got hurt I would want him to have a quilt that someone made to honor his sacrifice. I know that most Quilts of Valor quilts are more patriotic in the shades of red white and blue and hopefully some woman will appreciate the colors of red, white and blue but the more feminine aspect of it.
 Until next time please pray for our troops whatever your position on our wars are. God Bless!

Dec 1, 2011

Quilts of Valor

I I wanted to share these blocks I made for this quilt only I thought I took my pictures. Ooops. I made a quilt for Quilts of Valor. I know most of the quilts you see for this ar made with more patriotic fabric but I signed up for this with my LQS. They were having a sign-up donation list. The catch was you had to use Thangles and the pattern they gave you.
Have any of you ever used Thangles before? This was my first time. It's like making hst's with paper piecing. But more on those another day. The pttern I got was called jewelry box. I made it with stuff I had around the house but I used shades of blue and red with some Kona white.

  This is the finished quilt top. I wasn't sure I was going to like it but I do. I kinda didn't want to give it away. With so many of my family members being retired military or currently enlisted I just felt like I had to make this. For those of you who don't know about Quilts of Valor here is a link. I think I'll make more in the future with more patriotic fabric.

                                                      Finished quilt pictures tomorrow!