Dec 7, 2010


Since my morning posting was suppose to happen yesterday I'm posting the one I was going to do today. So lucky you two posting in one day.

I woke up this morning with a plan in mind. I knew My daughter was going on an after school field trip and my husband had a safety meeting at his job so I had the TV all to myself. So what you say.....well I had a couple movies I found while I was dusting that I wanted to watch. The Notebook....Memoirs of a Geisha.....and Defiantly Maybe. I also had a lot of bindings to sew, so I watched 3 movies in a row and got a couple of the bindings done.
Do you do this, sit down to do something while watching a movie and get distracted by the movie and wind up watching it? I did today so I wasn't able to get them all done. I was able to get the quilt I made for my Mom for Christmas. I really hope she loves it. Here it is as a preview to all of you fresh from the dryer.

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