Oct 13, 2010

I quit!!!! and I need a quilt holder for pictures.

Last year I made this quilt with a charm pack. I had no clue what I was doing but I had fun doing it. So somewhere in my brain the idea came to me that it would be ohhhh sooooo fun to hand quilt this guy. Well since I have not a clue how to hand stitch crap anything, it has pretty much been folded over a hanger on my bedroom door for the past oh 18 months. Yeah seems like a waste of getting to use it cause by the time I was finished with it I'd probably be in the grave. So I'm quitting and I'm going to machine quilt it.  YAY FOR QUITTERS!!!

 In other fun news, Yesterday I had to go visit it my diabetes peps and she thought it was about time to upgrade from my dinosaur of a meter to a sleek new colorful one and I even got to pick my color. Yay pink!
I'm sure this is the part where your seriously wondering about my sanity. I know this is a quilty blog and here I am showing you boiling cauliflower. My fabulous hubby HATES most veggies. So as the loving and wonderful wife that I am hides them in many foods because I like them. So while my family last night thought they were having Wisconsin Cheddar soup we were really having Wisconsin cauliflower cheddar soup and it was delicious. Thank you Rachel Ray for helping us with picky eaters hide food in food.. :)

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