Dec 3, 2010

Well after the hysterics of my hobo post. (I'm still giggling) I can attest to the fact that I am back logged on the quilting front. I have about a million things I need to sew binding to but I really don't want to so what did I do instead. I went to Lowes. Do you have Lowes where you live? If not it's like Home Depot but way better. I bought a quart of  "wheat" paint. Honestly it looks like off white. I might settle for an oatmeal mixed with milk color but who's judging the people name paint colors. I got 4 new hardware knobs and came home and got busy. Oh course I didn't get a picture of the before and not really interested in going through 4 years of pictures to see if I have one so I'll just give you the after.

Please ignore the wax ring on my coffee table. We are putting in a new toilet this weekend. I'm excited!!! For those of you who live in ancient houses because you want to and deal with toilet flushing difficulties you understand how excited I am. (it doesn't help that our town has really hard water and our water softener probably needs to be updated.)

So before it was a natural oak color maybe. It had brass hardware where the knob is in the middle and then there are some swirly things that are nailed into the cabinet doors.  Now it is so much better although I picked out the knobs before the color and maybe should have used a darker color.

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