Nov 27, 2010

I have had a very fun and eventful last couple weeks. First I started a new job and I love it! Second my niece and nephew were here for a visit this past week. Third I 've been sewing stuff up and well shopping. How did you all fair for black Friday? I am so exhausted from it. I was suppose to work the day and not get to go shopping, but I got all my stuff done so I met up with my mom, aunt, sis in law and cousin and started shopping. I got some great deals but what I didn't get was a nap. So after the shopping all day, We went to the Pacers game. It's like a family tradition that we got to the game the day after thanksgiving. So mix in one very exhausted girl and a game that started later and throw in an overtime. I was punch drink. It was a good time but it reminds me I am not as young as I once was. I can't go on 4 hours of sleep and then stay up all day and most of the night. Best part of the day was getting the mail and I got my candle mat!!!!! All the way from England. Pictures to come tomorrow of everything. I loaned my camera out for the evening and forgot to take the memory card out of it. Happy Holidays!

Nov 11, 2010

Oh I almost forgot.

Happy Veterens Day to all who have served in our armed forces. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

UMMMMM this wasn't suppose to be so big!!!!

Last year at my lqs there was a very lovely throw size quilt hanging near the register. I wish I had a picture of it but i feel silly whipping out my camera at a store. It had a sign that said made with 25 fq. It happened to be fat quarter day so I picked up 25. (on the 25th of every month you can get 25 fq's for 30 bucks) Let me say again IT WAS THROW SIZE!!!!!!!!!!! It also had a pattern so you could know what to do. I got my fq's and a couple weeks later I was asking the lady who made it what to do. Well I could have picked a better day cause it was the end of the birthday sale day and she was tired. I would be too. I had gone during the morning and had to leave cause A. it was so hot in there. It was like body to body and B. the line was so long. Peps had bolts stacked as high as their height to be cut. Not the best day for me to want 4 yrds of a white and 5 yrds of some browns and that be it. (40% off ladies so I tried to stay in the line but my patience got the best of me so I came back later and used my coupon and actually had a better selection to choose from.  So I just went home and did what I thought following the pattern.

I've been working on this thing for a while now. It's become my best friend along with my seam ripper. We're the 3 best friends that anyone can have....We're the 3 best friends that anyone can have....We're the 3 best friends that anyooonnnnee caaannn haveeee. 

So after getting the pieces all cut and sewn back together and spending the past 2 weeks trimming these blocks to size during Grey's (the only shown I watch now a days) I FINALLY figured out the way I wanted to sew the blocks together. The pattern showed one way I say no way man I'm twisting and turning these. I sit down after dropping H off at school and start sewing. I got about 7 strips sewn and look over and say "Umm this is looking a little bigger than i thought." So I wrestle with myself and decided to sew the rest cause really what am I going to do with all these blocks if i don't use them? The funny thing about the pattern was on the very last page it said what she did to make it smaller. AAAHAHAHAA read all directions before taking the test. I forgot that lesson from school. So goodbye throw size and hello queen size.

I have them all sewn together and my intention was to have this finished by the end of the month but it turned out huge and the funniest part is I didn't buy enough fabric to back it.....hahaha! Now i gotta go get more and what I choose is all gone cause I bought the last 4 yrds they had. So a pieced back it will be.

Side note- I do not purchase everything at once. I will buy all the fabric to make the top then later go and find the backing and after it's quilted i take the whole thing with me to find the binding, Crazy I know. I just have a hard time making decisions like that all at one time.

Nov 10, 2010

I am so disappointed I wasn't there

PACERS: Pacers 144, Nuggets 113
I had to share. I am stunned that we were able to pull this kinda win. I wish I had a time travel machine and could have gone!!!!! This is what I get for passing up the game to stay home. BOOO on me. Great hustle guys and I know it, your making playoffs this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 8, 2010

I can't believe I'm this lucky....

Well I didn't win anything other than the weather lottery. I forgot to plant the bulbs I bought in H's school fundraiser and as I contemplated digging in frozen dirt and making it work. I go out to get the mail today and it's 70 degrees! So I grabbed my gardening shoes and small shovel and got to digging. Yeah I feel so much better without that looming over me.

I have my candle mat all quilted now i just need to run over to the my lqs and pick up something for the binding. Nothing i have really suits it and I wasn't bright enough to get it when I bought the fabric. I never found and inspiration for the corner appliques but maybe something will hit me but I think it's to late now. So Just gotta bind this kid up and maybe find a couple little gifts to toss in my box and get this guy in the mail.

I got this top done today as well. Last family my grandma who sews decided to go through her fabric and bring me stuff. It included this bag of this old school Christmas fabric and I thought well lets just sew it up quick and have a quilt to cuddle on for the Christmas season. This will not even go with my decorations which are blue and silver and white. Maybe this will give me another reason to get another Christmas tree. Yes I have 4 at the moment. Is it excessive....probably but I like them. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are and getting a few last minutes things done.

Nov 4, 2010

I can't believe

it's November already. I hope everyone has a had a wonderful Halloween. Ours started out rocky but improved after a couple houses. h had spent the whole fall break with her grandma who probably didn't stick to a single bedtime schedule so we had a cranky child for a bit.
Well this is what I have been working on. Yesterday I got home from my work meeting and realized in the whole time we have lived in this house we have yet to eat dinner at our kitchen table. Well mainly because it hasn't been in our kitchen. As you an see it's a little crowded and i had never in my wildest dream would have thought it looked OK in there but I said to myself, "self  lets just for fun move that table in the kitchen and see what happens." I LOVE IT!!!!!! Please ignore the further view where you see clutter and half hardwood half carpet. I'm a slow mover and we I am taking up the carpet in the other rooms so we I can refinish the lovely hardwood floors.

Next I have this lovely treasure I found for free at a garage sale. (my moms garage sale and I just brought it home) The cushion is like plastic and the wood is an ugly shade. I am currently painting it but I have been kinda busy and haven't finished much.
A nice little Dresden plate made with some Amy Butler. 2 or 3 more to follow this one when I have more than 5 minutes at a time in my sewing nook. Most likely to be a wall hanging for myself or a Christmas gift. Not sure how selfish I'm feeling.
I made this with my left over scraps. I was inspired with all the scrap posts that I saw while I was at work bored to tears wishing i could at least bring in my baby singer to pass the time away. I followed this tutorial ticker tape quilt from crazy mom quilts. it was really easy and if I could ever sit still long enough to make a larger one I surely would. I used my left over scraps from my candle mat swap fabric
And last but not least. I was talking about this quilt in my i quit post. I got it all machine quilted and I sewed the binding on during Volleyball practices the past week. I finished it up and it was my wubby for my dentist appointment.Why do they always make that play freezing. I take a quilt every time I go.
The only problem is In the first picture I guess I did something while I sewed the binding on with my machine because a small piece kinda slipped out while I was hand sewing it to the back. I'm not redoing the whole thing. Is there a way I could maybe patch it? This baby isn't going to anyone just for my viewing pleasure.  Hopefully I will get some time to myself to get more stuff done, but it's not looking likely.
My weekend looks like this
Thursday -volleyball
Friday - Basketball game
Saturday - Brothers Housewarming.( Do I give a gift?)
Sunday - Disney Live
Monday- volleyball and girl scouts!