Oct 5, 2010

Let's get ready to be busy!

It's quilt along day. Today we start sewing.  Last week we covered cutting. I just grabbed some fabric from Joann's two weeks ago while I was there picking up half price thread. I now remember why I don't like to get fabric from there. They never cut it correctly and you wind up with funky cuts and have to toss out most of what you needed  when you are making everything right so you can cut,due to the carelessness of the way they keep the bolts and they way the hack into them. I'm sure I should have gone to my LQS but since this is mostly for practice I thought what the heck. I made strippy squares with the stuff I couldn't get 4.5 inch squares out of So it wasn't to wasted.

H is home with me today. She has to go to the dentist and has to have a cavity filled :(

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