Mar 13, 2012

Strings finished

I finally got it finished. It's only been a few years in the making. I had purchased this honey bun a while ago and decided to make a string quilt with it. 

It is rather on the smallish size where the color is and it has a lot of negative space. I was contemplating cutting it right down the middle and sewing it back together so a bit of color would be on each side. I still don't know if I do it. For now I'm going to fold it up and put it in the stack to be quilted.

It's starting to feel like spring around here and my grass is starting to green up but it's not very thick. It's kinda patchy. Does anyone recommend anything to get a more luscious lawn?

Mar 11, 2012

For the love of solids

I'm still around and kicking. I have been adjusting to my new job at work and let me tell it some days it has been completely overwhelming. Some days I just come home make dinner for my family and head right up to bed.

This has made my quilting take a backseat for the past three weeks, but I'm getting back into the swing of things.

I had signed up a while back for The Love of Solids swap and this is my large item I made my partner.  I hope she loves it. I really like that pop of red in the middle. I think it goes well with the water colors. What I was going for was the blues and greens being water and the color in the middle being like an umbrella. Anyway it's going out this week. Although probably on the last day to ship.

I mentioned I was a bit behind and I'm hand quilting this with pearle cotton thread. Which I love but since I have been going to bed at 8pm it's not getting done as fast as I wanted. Luckily I only have 4 more blocks to quilt.
In other fun news I have a MacBook Pro to play with. It's a perk from my job and I think I'm going to have to actually buy one. For the first couple days I felt like I was never going to figure it out but slowly I'm finding I love it more than my HP. Oh my Apple here I come.