Dec 28, 2010

Belated Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had been able to wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas but those days are so busy for us that I barely had time to blow dry my hair after my shower.  So here it is late MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got everything you wished for and had a wonderful time with Friends and family. We had the best couple days and we are so blessed to have everyone in our lives that are there.

We'll in the saddest news I didn't get a single piece of fabric or notion for Christmas. (poor me) I will be receiving a quilting magazine sometime in the new year. Thank you Grandma!

I had a full plate of housewife and mommyness things to do, so most likely no sewing till the new year. I wish I had taken a picture of the sweet little mug rugs I made or my grandparents though. Well picture to come after I am able to visit them.

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