Sep 29, 2010

Back to square one.

Well after feeling like I have got so much done, Tuesday hit and I didn't do much in the way of sewing. I got ten more blocks sewn on the batik quilt. I don't think that really counts cause it's so easy. I did go to Always in Stitches yesterday to get some fabric for the backs of some of the things I made.

Got a lot of Moda, some of it was from older lines that were in the clearance room. Look at the one that looks like eyelashes (Amy Butler). I love it. I look at it every time I go and I took the plunge and got some.

I did go visit my Husband's Grandma yesterday. Last year I had made her this quilt for Christmas. It has our hands on it so when she cuddles up it's like we're hugging her. Anyway I wasn't a good binding when I made this so of course It needed a fix and I went to take it back and visit. I think in the spring when she gets home I'm going to just put a brand new binding on it. She was so glad to have it back. Rumor is she has missed it but I kinda took a little bit longer than I should have cause I was terrified of my hand sewing skills. I didn't grow up in a house with a crafty sewing mom. She was the type of mom
who could help you out with a handy project. I can use power tools because of her and not feel scared to try new things out.

H looked so cute all snuggled up on this couch this morning.  Today was jammie day at school and she worked so hard at getting the right jammie outfit together. It really is like pieces from three jammie outfits.
I'm so excited to say that I have been following along this quilt along.  It's for baby quilts and you never know when you will need to have one up your sleeve for a quick gift. I have just started getting into these quilting blogs and I can't believe how I ever survived with out them. These people are so talented and quick.

Sep 28, 2010

Feeling accomplished

It's been a few days since I've been here, but to my defense I have been quite busy. It's hard to work a full time job and be a wife and mother and have the house clean., especially when your in the middle of a house repair that leaves your washer and dryer down for a couple days at a time.
I had mentioned Thursday that I was taking an applique class Friday. I LOVED IT! It turns out it is pretty simple and I was OK with it. Not to mention my class instructor was a wonderful woman who was very excited about her purchase of a longarm later this week. I'm so excited for her too (and kinda jealous).If your in Hamilton County and in need of a professional quilter send me a message and I will give you her name and number.   

Then yesterday after work my hubby happened to be home from work early and kindly agreed to H to volleyball practice and grill some dinner so I was able to go to my nook and get some work done. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something so I worked on small projects. I got three table runner tops done. I also have half of a doll quilt done for H's American Girl doll. Last but not least I now have 20 blocks all sewn for my batik quilt. I really love those batik fabrics.

My cheater doll quilt. The scraps from the strippy table runner.
Table runner 1.
table runner 3

one of the batik blocks

Speaking of fabrics I have a somewhat funny story that I can laugh about now. I had about an hour yesterday that I could sit behind the machine before I had to be at work. I go up to my nook and light my very favorite fall candle. ( Harvest by Yankee Candle) get my sewing machine case and start to set it up. ONLY THERE IS NO POWER CORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tear my house up looking for it. Call my hubs at work frantic. I can't find it and he hasn't seen it. All I can do is pray it will turn up. When the thought hits me. Go to Always In Stitches. (my addiction specialists and where I took my class) I wait till 10 cause that's when they open and speed racer my car there. I run not walk but run from the parking lot into the store where I find my most favorite of shop keepers and tell her my dilemma. I go back to the class room and there it is. Still plugged in the wall! My heart is no longer beating crazy and my breathing has slowed, I go back up front and she is holding the cutest FQ and I know I have to have it. We go to the register and pay and I then turn to leave. When I get to my car I realize I have left that cord AGAIN. That cord must heart that store as much as me.
The FQ I had to have

Sep 23, 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it's the day I take my first quilting class. Yay........I'm a tad nervous because I will be applique by hand! Did I mention I'm so not confident in my by hand skills. We are making this quilt. I feel so nervous because there weren't any before hand instructions. So I bought my fabric and cut most of it to the size the book says. I'm not sure on the rounded pieces because the template didn't have the seam allowance on it, so instead i just cut out blocks and maybe the class instructor can help me. I'm so nervous that I'm going to look dumb. Yeah I have made quilts before but this stuff isn't stuff I have done before. I kinda wish I had a sewing mentor.

These are the fabrics I choose to do the "orange peel" shapes in. Do you think they go alright together? I guess we'll see. Some I bought new and others I got out of the scrap basket. Tell me what you think.

On another note I was at Joann's the other day and was looking at the home decor fabric because I can't find any curtains for my 96 inch windows that don't cost a fortune and in the middle of the clearance stuff i found this.  It's not as white as the picture makes it look but it was only six dollars a yard. So I'm going to attempt to make curtains and quick. Like this coming week quick because my grandma the sewing genius leaves for Alabama and I just might need her help. I know what your thinking she could be my sewing mentor and for a bit she is but she lives like 6 hours from here so I only get to soak in her wisdom if she's here or I'm there.
So that sums up my day. It's all excitement and nervousness for my first class.
By the way I need to remember to by more pins. I just went to pack them up and realized I used them all pinning my batik project. I guess it'one of those things you can never have enough of.

Sep 22, 2010

One more time for the girls!!!!

I may or may not have forgotten my grocery list at home so I could have more coffee before I join the world.
Since I had to come back to the house I thought I'd get to those pictures so I wouldn't forget. I was also looking at Diary of a Quilter and saw she was doing a quilt along. I think I'm going follow along. I'm a few weeks behind but so far they have been taking about supplies and picking out fabric (check it out her blog is in my blog list). So along with the grocery I'll be heading over to Always in Stitches (our local quilt shop heaven) to pick out the fabric. It's a baby quilt and my Hubs has a HUGE family so you never know when you need a baby quilt on the quick. Last year 2 of this cousins had babies with in a month of each other. That was so fun making them both quilts at the same time. It was well worth it when they opened their gifts though.

This is what I was working on last night at work.

So here is the project I put off forever but it's what I was pressing last night. All thats left is to pin on those rectangles and sew em on and then connect the blocks. Easy cheesy! Not a border in sight for this guy

While I was taking about my daughter Hailie (H for short) I would include a picture of these little clay containers she made me to put my pins in so i woudn't toss them on the counter and them have to remeber to put them back. Isn't she just the cutest thing that ever walked into my life?

Ok now I'm really going to the grocery!

Why is it so early....

Happy Wednesday

I am in need of a huge cup of coffee. After having to work so late last night, I have the fun of getting up and getting my nine year old daughter up and ready for school. She must have sensed I would be dragging cause I come downstairs and she is already awake and getting ready. Thank you God for small blessings!

So I am going to make the quilt for my cousin and after I drop of H at school and run to the grocery (I seemed to have forgotten that errand for the past couple days) I will be coming out and working that quilt out on paper and figuring out what to buy and how much.  YAY, for starting new projects when others aren't finished. I know you fellow crafty peps understand me. My hubs on the other hand thinks this is crazy to start so many when others aren't even finished.

I better go. I promised pictures but we're running late for dropping H of at school. Pictures to follow

Sep 21, 2010

Yippee Skippy!

 I love slow nights and the freedom this place gives me to work on my projects that I bring from home.

On a different note my very fav cousin graduates from high school this year and I have been thinking about making her a quilt for graduation. Well it must be meant to be cause I just found what I want to make her. Her favorite colors are purple and lime green. Like Artic cats, the snowmobile brand. So in those colors with a touch of white and black thrown in. I will alternate a nine patch block with a log cabin block. Still thinking about it but I think it will work. What do you think?

Happy Lovely Tuesday

What a beautiful day here in Central Indiana.

Today it's just Bella and I in the sewing nook working on my batik scrappy quilt.

Hope your having a wonderful day wherever you are!