Dec 17, 2010

I'm eating my words

Remember a few blog posts ago when I said "well it snowed today but it will melt and then we won't have anymore until the new year" or something like that......WELL IT KEEPS SNOWING!!!!!!!! For someone like me who likes snow I'm so excited. (I was also able to get my patio furniture covered too)

I haven't been working on much but a while back I thought I would be thrifty and I bought some turnovers on eBay. I bought 2 of the cheapest ones to bid on and what I got was The Caroler. (excuse me it's 7 in the morning I've had no coffee names are not my thing right now.) Now I don't really like it but the colors are bright so I threw all the triangles in a basket and randomly sewn them together and if that wasn't enough I cut them in half and back in the basket they went and I sowed them together again. Well I will post the picture after work. I can't find my memory card thing.

I hope you all are having a fun in the snow or cold. Also I hope you are not being like me and still running to stores every chance you get to buy stuff for your loved ones. This Christmas has surely snuck up on me.

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