Oct 4, 2010


Here comes Monday, again, and it sure it's not very welcome today. It's freezing in Indiana today. I feel the need to turn the heat on. If you haven't been here the saying rings true to it's word. You go from turning off your air conditioner to turning your heat on in one day. No quilting progress over the weekend.

I helped my Brother move into his first home. It's such a beautiful house. Congrats to him!

Sunday after work it was chili and the Colts game. Dad came over and watched with us. What an exciting game. It was to bad we lost though. Better luck next week. Better football news Michigan State won again! GO GREEN! I have an idea for a mini quilt for my sewing room. Everyday when I take H to school I pass by a MSU flag that is green with a white S. How fun would that be to make that with all your green scraps. I try to pencil it out but my S is no good.

Speaking of better luck I hope to have better luck to get more progress done. I keep adding things to my list of things I would like to do or try. I did sign up for my first swap!

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