Nov 25, 2011

Playing with an iPad

Someone in my family has an iPad and I'd never thought I'd say this but I really want one! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. I had to work for a bit then spent the evening with my husband's side of the family. Today I'm spending time with my family cause my niece and nephew are in town. Have a great weekend. I hope to get a little sewing in along with making a corn hole set for my hub's birthday.

Nov 20, 2011

Pressing Board Tutorial

This is what I have been pressing on. It's SOOO bad! The cover is falling apart and it's all yucky from the iron so when I was out I saw a pressing board that you can buy but it was white and boring so I thought, Hey I can make one of those and here is how I did it...
 I called my mom and asked if she had any spare plywood type wood lying around before I went out and bought some. Luckily she had this, it's kind like sauder material. It's plywood with some sort of fake wood side. If I would have gone to Lowe's and bought stuff I would have purchased a hardwood type plywood. I then had my Hubby cut it down to the size I needed. I couldn't tell you the size cause this happen to almost fit in my window area with a little over hang so I had him take of 3 inches so it wouldn't bump again my chair
 I think took batting and laid it out. One I just happened to use polyester cause it was in a box of stuff I was using for H's American girl doll quilts whenever she wanted a new one. Two I didn't really want to use my cotton batting when all I was going to be doing was stapling it to wood. Feel free to use whatever you have on hand. I put it on in three layers just for and extra measure.
 I then started to bring it around and staple the ends down. I would do one side and then flip it to the opposite side and make it taut and then staple again until I had all the sides done and I then stapled the corners.
 Here it is with all the batting stapled down. I had some extra home decor weight fabric leftover from making the laundry room curtains a few years ago so I used that. I laid the fabric out pretty side down and then laid the board on top with the batting side face down. I then stated stapling then sides and when it came to the corners I stapled them at an angle. (i forgot to take pictures of this part)
 Here it is all pretty and not gross like my mini ironing board. I imagine by the time I get up tomorrow all my hard work will be covered in cat hair since the cat seems to favor this window. Oh well, That's what those sticky roller papers are for.
 I'm using it before said cat gets it all haired up. More on the partial block later this week.
Until then I hope you had a great weekend. The hubster and I just kind lounged around, while H got to spend the weekend with Grammy. I got caught up on my google reader and he played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I even gave it a go, not a fan, I gave up and then came upstairs to do a little sewing. So much for me and video games

Nov 17, 2011

More Fabric Purchased

Some time soon I'm going to get motivated to go out in the frostey air and get a picture of the quilt top I got done last week. Then I may be motivated to go take pictures of the other stuff  I've gotten done. My excuse is by the time I get off work I've lost all the good light. BOO to daylight savings time. Until all this other stuff happens I'll leave you with pictures of fabric that came in the mail today. What is my deal with reds lately?

Nov 15, 2011

Marmalade Fabrics

How cute is this package? I really have nothing but amazing things to say right now about Marmalade Fabrics. I placed my order Friday night and I received it Monday!!!! First off look how cute it is all tissue wrapped with a ribbon. LOVE. IT!!!!!                      
 Then to top it off with a handwritten card. Now I know most places write a quick thank you on the receipt but an actual card. So sweet!!!!
I know that a post or two ago I kinda complained about the shipping cost but after checking out the store again I realized I was a moron and instead of paying for 10 dollars in shipping I should have ordered 12 dollars more fabric and got my shipping for free. Pays to read sometimes. I'm kicking my our rear end over that one.

P.S. These ae my chasing chevrons fabric.....LOVE IT!

Nov 14, 2011

This is my kind of candy dish

For a while I collected candy dishes. Then I realized we don't really even buy that much candy so I weeded them down to just ones that had a sentimental feeling to them, but even then the were just sitting on top of my cabinets. So when I was dusting the other day I came across on that my husband had on the side table next to our couch and it was full of random stuff. Which got me thinking...why couldn't I use my favorite candy dish I just got from my momma to hold sewing stuff. Now when I want to sew bindings while watching TV I could. Not to mention I would have a permanent place to put needles, thread and a small pair of scissors  and I wouldn't have to keep dragging stuff from my sewing nook to the couch.

Nov 11, 2011

Chasing Chevons Quilt-a-long

I've decided to follow allong with the chasing chevons quilt-a-long going on over at That girl...That quilt. Why you may ask? Becuse I need another project like I need a whole in my head.....BUT all this chevon stuff all over the place is super cute and I just really NEED another excuse to buy a bunch of fabric. Don't we all?

I got my fabric here. I have never ordered from Marmalade Fabrics and I have to say while the prices seemed reasonable I wasn't to thrilled to pay more than 5dollars for shipping but it evened it's self out with lower cost of the bundles I got. So because I just ordered this tonight I don't have real life pictures of I ordered so you'll have to make due with the photos off the website.  
I went with the Theory from Khristian Howell with my colored fabrics and Pacific in Kona as my main background filler color

I know I promised pictures of what I worked on the past week but I have yet to take the pictures cause I am that lazy........excuse I've had a kid sick with the flu.....Yucks!!

Nov 10, 2011

I'm back at it.

After a good six months off from any kind of sewing I sat down yesterday at a sewing machine. I feel great. I cut out stuff for new quilts and got a quilt top done. Along with sewing bindings on to two...not 1 but 2 baby quilts. Pictures will follow but I'm off to my job that makes the fabric buying money.... Hope your all having a productive time. I know I've been a complete slacker lately.