Sep 28, 2010

Feeling accomplished

It's been a few days since I've been here, but to my defense I have been quite busy. It's hard to work a full time job and be a wife and mother and have the house clean., especially when your in the middle of a house repair that leaves your washer and dryer down for a couple days at a time.
I had mentioned Thursday that I was taking an applique class Friday. I LOVED IT! It turns out it is pretty simple and I was OK with it. Not to mention my class instructor was a wonderful woman who was very excited about her purchase of a longarm later this week. I'm so excited for her too (and kinda jealous).If your in Hamilton County and in need of a professional quilter send me a message and I will give you her name and number.   

Then yesterday after work my hubby happened to be home from work early and kindly agreed to H to volleyball practice and grill some dinner so I was able to go to my nook and get some work done. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something so I worked on small projects. I got three table runner tops done. I also have half of a doll quilt done for H's American Girl doll. Last but not least I now have 20 blocks all sewn for my batik quilt. I really love those batik fabrics.

My cheater doll quilt. The scraps from the strippy table runner.
Table runner 1.
table runner 3

one of the batik blocks

Speaking of fabrics I have a somewhat funny story that I can laugh about now. I had about an hour yesterday that I could sit behind the machine before I had to be at work. I go up to my nook and light my very favorite fall candle. ( Harvest by Yankee Candle) get my sewing machine case and start to set it up. ONLY THERE IS NO POWER CORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tear my house up looking for it. Call my hubs at work frantic. I can't find it and he hasn't seen it. All I can do is pray it will turn up. When the thought hits me. Go to Always In Stitches. (my addiction specialists and where I took my class) I wait till 10 cause that's when they open and speed racer my car there. I run not walk but run from the parking lot into the store where I find my most favorite of shop keepers and tell her my dilemma. I go back to the class room and there it is. Still plugged in the wall! My heart is no longer beating crazy and my breathing has slowed, I go back up front and she is holding the cutest FQ and I know I have to have it. We go to the register and pay and I then turn to leave. When I get to my car I realize I have left that cord AGAIN. That cord must heart that store as much as me.
The FQ I had to have

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