Dec 22, 2010

finally the picture is here.

I fibbed a little about having the picture up last night. I totally meant to do it but after work I went and ran a few errands and came home to a sweet little girl complaining that I never let her go anywhere. She wanted to spend the night with a friend and I said I don't know yet. So then I thought about it and The thought came to me if she goes somewhere then we can run to the store and get the last big gift I needed for her. So instead of a friend she went of to Grammie's house for a fun filled night of Just Dance 2. I'm actually really jealous, I love that game. I have no dance rhythm in me but somewhere in the past year I have found the strength inside myself to have fun and not care if other people make fun of me while I dance my chubby little heart out.

So here it is the moment you have all been waiting for my hourglass blocks..................

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