Dec 28, 2010

Belated Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had been able to wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas but those days are so busy for us that I barely had time to blow dry my hair after my shower.  So here it is late MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you got everything you wished for and had a wonderful time with Friends and family. We had the best couple days and we are so blessed to have everyone in our lives that are there.

We'll in the saddest news I didn't get a single piece of fabric or notion for Christmas. (poor me) I will be receiving a quilting magazine sometime in the new year. Thank you Grandma!

I had a full plate of housewife and mommyness things to do, so most likely no sewing till the new year. I wish I had taken a picture of the sweet little mug rugs I made or my grandparents though. Well picture to come after I am able to visit them.

Dec 22, 2010

Half finished Christmas gift

The other day like 2 weeks ago I got hair up my rear to make my kid a quilt for Christmas. I got a smattering of Suess fabic and started sewing it up. Well here it is 1 days beofre Christmas and all she's getting is the finished top. So I'm really going to wrap it up just like this and finish it later. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I had to improvise since no one was around to help me hold it up.

finally the picture is here.

I fibbed a little about having the picture up last night. I totally meant to do it but after work I went and ran a few errands and came home to a sweet little girl complaining that I never let her go anywhere. She wanted to spend the night with a friend and I said I don't know yet. So then I thought about it and The thought came to me if she goes somewhere then we can run to the store and get the last big gift I needed for her. So instead of a friend she went of to Grammie's house for a fun filled night of Just Dance 2. I'm actually really jealous, I love that game. I have no dance rhythm in me but somewhere in the past year I have found the strength inside myself to have fun and not care if other people make fun of me while I dance my chubby little heart out.

So here it is the moment you have all been waiting for my hourglass blocks..................

Dec 17, 2010

I'm eating my words

Remember a few blog posts ago when I said "well it snowed today but it will melt and then we won't have anymore until the new year" or something like that......WELL IT KEEPS SNOWING!!!!!!!! For someone like me who likes snow I'm so excited. (I was also able to get my patio furniture covered too)

I haven't been working on much but a while back I thought I would be thrifty and I bought some turnovers on eBay. I bought 2 of the cheapest ones to bid on and what I got was The Caroler. (excuse me it's 7 in the morning I've had no coffee names are not my thing right now.) Now I don't really like it but the colors are bright so I threw all the triangles in a basket and randomly sewn them together and if that wasn't enough I cut them in half and back in the basket they went and I sowed them together again. Well I will post the picture after work. I can't find my memory card thing.

I hope you all are having a fun in the snow or cold. Also I hope you are not being like me and still running to stores every chance you get to buy stuff for your loved ones. This Christmas has surely snuck up on me.

Dec 9, 2010

Just one of them days

I wanted to go office space on my sewing machine last night. The spool of thread keep coming off of the stick thing and it was causing tension problems. I was getting to the point of taking a baseball bat to this thing. Wow that sounds so violent. I guess I'm going to have to start buying the large spools so they don't fall off.

I'm down to one thing to sew the binding on before I will let myself start working on more unfinished quilt tops. Thats exciting. Other than it being freezing cold here things are going well. The Colt's play the Titans tonight! GO HORSE!!!!!!!!!

Dec 8, 2010

Today's a laundry day. I love it when you have all fresh and cean and fluffy throws straight from the dryer. The clean clothes I guess are just a bonus. Wrapping presents in between loads. I may also make some muffins. Hope your all having a wonderful day.

Dec 7, 2010


Since my morning posting was suppose to happen yesterday I'm posting the one I was going to do today. So lucky you two posting in one day.

I woke up this morning with a plan in mind. I knew My daughter was going on an after school field trip and my husband had a safety meeting at his job so I had the TV all to myself. So what you say.....well I had a couple movies I found while I was dusting that I wanted to watch. The Notebook....Memoirs of a Geisha.....and Defiantly Maybe. I also had a lot of bindings to sew, so I watched 3 movies in a row and got a couple of the bindings done.
Do you do this, sit down to do something while watching a movie and get distracted by the movie and wind up watching it? I did today so I wasn't able to get them all done. I was able to get the quilt I made for my Mom for Christmas. I really hope she loves it. Here it is as a preview to all of you fresh from the dryer.

Happy Birthday to you!

I wanna say happy birthday to my WONDERFUL husband! What kinda shape would I be in if you weren't around to tell me to go sew every time I got annoyed. Your a great dad and fixer of things. I'm so glad your around and I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

p.s. This is a day late. Oops! I forgot to schedule the posting to go out.

Dec 3, 2010

Well after the hysterics of my hobo post. (I'm still giggling) I can attest to the fact that I am back logged on the quilting front. I have about a million things I need to sew binding to but I really don't want to so what did I do instead. I went to Lowes. Do you have Lowes where you live? If not it's like Home Depot but way better. I bought a quart of  "wheat" paint. Honestly it looks like off white. I might settle for an oatmeal mixed with milk color but who's judging the people name paint colors. I got 4 new hardware knobs and came home and got busy. Oh course I didn't get a picture of the before and not really interested in going through 4 years of pictures to see if I have one so I'll just give you the after.

Please ignore the wax ring on my coffee table. We are putting in a new toilet this weekend. I'm excited!!! For those of you who live in ancient houses because you want to and deal with toilet flushing difficulties you understand how excited I am. (it doesn't help that our town has really hard water and our water softener probably needs to be updated.)

So before it was a natural oak color maybe. It had brass hardware where the knob is in the middle and then there are some swirly things that are nailed into the cabinet doors.  Now it is so much better although I picked out the knobs before the color and maybe should have used a darker color.

Dec 2, 2010

My hobo pie carrying package

I was leafing through some magazine last week. I think it was one of the Better Homes and Gardens crafty ones I had laying around and out popped this pie carrying holder. So after cooking all day I whipped one of these up before we went to our pre-Thanksgiving dinner ( My mother in law always has a family dinner the night before we go to the huge family dinner the next day.)
So the way it works is you slip the little handles over the big long handle and make yourself a little hobo pie carring holder minus the stick. My daughter found this hilarious and I kinda do to now. How funny would it be to see someone walking around with a hobo package and it had a stick you could lean it over your shoulder. I don't know about you but the word hobo is so funny. I'm literally about to pee my pants laughing while I type this.

I'm sorry I know it's rude to laugh over the word hobo but it really goes back to a family humor thing.
See it's so humerus that this summer I took a picture of this convenient store in Alabama and I brought back a fountain cup with the stores label for my bubs.

Dec 1, 2010

kids, candles and snow

While I'm finally getting around to the pictures promised from the other day. First we have nieces and nephews. Damion the one on the right in the top picture cracks me up. He refused to have his picture taken and so since I'm such a wonderful aunt I promised him gum to do it. Well this booger is so smart that he remembered how many pictures I took and was slightly annoyed when my mom only gave him 1 piece instead of 6.
These guys were having super fun playing in the boxes they were like pop up monsters.

Here is my beautiful candle mat I received in the swap I did. I love it and the second picture is with a candle burning. My partner did a wonderful job!!!! It was a lovely gift after having such an exhausting day. I love it so much that I'm going to make a quilt to match it. I knew I bought all that 12 days of Christmas fabric for a reason.     

We put our tree up Saturday. We got a new one last  year after Christmas because after 2 years of having a 6ft tree in a house with 12 ft ceilings I felt we needed something more proportionate. My hubby loving yesterday went out and bought me new LED lights for it and instead of having to have like 6 strands this 1 strand does the job. Now where is the energy to go down in the creepy basement and pull out the ornaments. Those of you that have fake trees I recommend you running out to either Bath and Body Works or Yankee candle and buying one of those tree smelling candles. Unless the reason you buy fake is because you don't like the smell. I do fake because I would forget to water it. I guess that's why all my house plants are of the please only water me when you see me wilting variety.

Lastly I love the weather today! I went to bed and woke up to snow!!!! Granted it's only a dusting and we won't get dumped on for probably another month it's still so beautiful.  This one is when I was dropping H off at school.

This one is of my patio. See the snow came early this year and I haven't covered my patio set. Good thing after this melts I'll be able to get it done. But it looks so pretty with the snow.