Nov 8, 2010

I can't believe I'm this lucky....

Well I didn't win anything other than the weather lottery. I forgot to plant the bulbs I bought in H's school fundraiser and as I contemplated digging in frozen dirt and making it work. I go out to get the mail today and it's 70 degrees! So I grabbed my gardening shoes and small shovel and got to digging. Yeah I feel so much better without that looming over me.

I have my candle mat all quilted now i just need to run over to the my lqs and pick up something for the binding. Nothing i have really suits it and I wasn't bright enough to get it when I bought the fabric. I never found and inspiration for the corner appliques but maybe something will hit me but I think it's to late now. So Just gotta bind this kid up and maybe find a couple little gifts to toss in my box and get this guy in the mail.

I got this top done today as well. Last family my grandma who sews decided to go through her fabric and bring me stuff. It included this bag of this old school Christmas fabric and I thought well lets just sew it up quick and have a quilt to cuddle on for the Christmas season. This will not even go with my decorations which are blue and silver and white. Maybe this will give me another reason to get another Christmas tree. Yes I have 4 at the moment. Is it excessive....probably but I like them. Hope you are enjoying the weather where ever you are and getting a few last minutes things done.

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