Jan 31, 2012


I, the most unluckiest person finally one something. 
Three charm packs of Silent film.
I won from Tammie and Fat Quarter Shop
I was participating in the Shades of grey swap so now I have plenty to make a lovely quilt with grey and some pop of color. If only  could decide on my pop of color. 

Tammie and Fat Quarter Shop

Jan 30, 2012

Caught up monday...

Well In the Sew Happy Quilt Along I'm am caught back up, until tomorrow :) 
I was crazy busy at work week 3 for the template star. Then over the weekend I was having a difficult time with my printer. Turns out somehow when I plugged the printer into the USB and the computer decided to reload the software for the printer it made it a different model number. Hubby came home from his service emergency and fixed it. Then Sunday a different project started calling my name so the block didn't get made until today. It's suppose to be 12.5in but it's way smaller. I'm not sure what happened but I'll either add a border to it or remake it.

I also made week 4's block which is firefly block, and it was designed by Melissa. This block went together pretty easy. I only had to get the seam ripper out once. This block kinda reminds me of the jewelry box block I made for this quilt.

Both blocks together. I waited to long to go outside and get the pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day In Indiana today. It felt like March or April. I can't believe it's going to snow showers this weekend for the Superbowl. Well maybe everyone will come early and at least get a bit of nice crisp days.

Finally I wanted to show you all my blocks together. 
I kinda can't wait to see how this one pans out.

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Hey can anyone tell me how to post the buttons in my post. I'm kinda not tech savvy.

Jan 28, 2012

Why can't stuff just work?

I am having a day from crap!!!
 I started to try and print off a template and I can't get the printer to print. All my tricks have been exhausted. Since I use a laptop It's not always hooked to the printer and It decided to be a mule. 
So I figured I'd go and just sew some stuff that I don't need a template for. First my sewing machine that just came back from the repair shop decides today that it wants to get the thread wrapped all around the bobbin stuff. OK fine, I don't know what to do since I'm frustrated so I get out my back up machine. 
This one all of a sudden decides to start breaking thread. I open it up to start to clean it and rethread it and replace the needle now the top thread doesn't want to get the bobbin thread.
 No way am I going to pull out Hailie's machine cause we hate each other. If it was acceptable to drink wine at 11am I would so be opening a bottle. Yeah I am that annoyed right now. 
To bad I have a house full of pre-teens. 

I guess I'm going to go clean my house and wait for my husband to get home so he can at least fix the printer. 

Jan 27, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

It's Friday and I've finished something. A while back I was in a mug rug swap. I liked one of them so much that I was going to make myself, my mom, and my grandma one. Well my friends that never happened. The extras got sweep to the wayside. So this past week I have been organizing my sewing nook and found them. I decided to make one into a mug rug for a co-worker. She's from a much warmer climate and I thought she could use a reminder than eventually we will have heat again up north.

This was made with Sunkissed by Sweetwater I have a fussy cut square with the words sunshine, renew and life for the main portion of the mg rug. I hope she likes it. I'm handing it off with a real coke(not Diet and some homemade chex mix I made up today for my hubby. This is also my first time doing a machine binding. It was pretty quick. I'm not sure if I want to take away from my couch time binding though.

Jan 20, 2012

This is what crazy looks like

Set the scene: 
10pm on a Thursday night. Lady in polar bear jammie pants and a cardigan, fresh from watching Grey's Anatomy, eyes probably a little puffy from the tears.
Outside taking pictures of a quilt top cause she was to lazy to do it when she got home from work. 
Even more fun bonus to this crazy. The lady across the street who happens to work at my top secret 007 job, was getting home from work. Awesome. Hopefully she'll keep this one to herself.
I'm pretty sure no one would get taking pictures of a "blanket"
 So here it is folks. The tumbler quilt I was talking about the other day with the modifications. After seeing it hanging on the clothes line I decided it just wasn't a very cuddle worthy size. See my Hubs is very tall and broad and since I wanted to use this on the couch it's not fair to make a quilt only H and I could use. I went upstairs and started looking around for something suitable. Then it hit me I had 4 half yards that I picked up for eight dollars. I cut them 2.5in wide and sewed them to the sides. 

 I never thought to add borders to just a side and had hoped with both fingers crossed it would add the width I needed with out looking weird and I think it did just that. As a matter of fact I'm really loving the framed off sides and the top and bottom are left open. 

 As for the finished size it winds up at 60 by 75. 
Where as before it was like 44 by 75. 
I'm not sure what I was doing when I laid this out to make it such and interesting size. 
And as I look at this quilt it's making me think of the couple cobblestone streets we have in town. 
I think I'm going to refer to this one as cobblestone from now on.

Happy Friday!
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P.S. I know this is technically a finish but it is a finished top which is what I'm trying to accomplish in the first six month of this year. I'm going to outline quilt this around the tumblers and straight line quilt down the sides.

Jan 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So here we are again, it's Wednesday and I have made some progress :) 
Make Life Tumblers is finished. I'm not showing the complete finished top because I need to get pictures. I finished this up yesterday and it seemed ok as I was sewing it up, but as I hung it on the clothes line I realized it's really long and not very wide. It's not a very cuddly size.  Check back Friday for the complete top.

So a reminder of what I still have left to do.
 Chasing Chevrons

 Scrappy something

 Applique wall hanging. 
I need to take this downstairs so I will work on it while hanging out with the fam.

 Christmas hourglass

 Strippy quilt

 Modern Workshop

 Bliss Tumblers


Amy Butler Dresdens.

WIP from last week: 10
WIP finished: 1
WIP left: 9

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Jan 17, 2012

Sew Happy Geek QA Week 2

Here are my week two blocks.  From the Sew.Happy.Geek QA. I had some unexpected time off from work this past week and went ahead and started on my blocks. The first block I made was this friendship block. It was pretty easy although I'm not sure I really like the colors but I'm just going to keep it until I have all the blocks and then I'll decide. I really like the printed fabric. I wish I had a bit more to hold back as stash, a la hoarders style.

The next block was a quarter square triangle pinwheel or QST pinwheel. Let me just say that I seriously dislike pinwheels. They are beautiful when other people make them. For me they are a heart attack waiting to happen. My blood pressure rises, I feel the incredible hulk anger coming up. Just kidding it's not that bad. If I would just learn to have a little patience with them I'd be good, My problem is I know it's pretty simple so I don't lay the block out before I sew it thinking I'll just wing it.
 This is what happens... 
Anyone else see where my block is wrong.
 So the seam ripper came out and I took part of it apart and still it was a mess. I put it aside and walked away. I unplugged the whole sewing nook for the weekend. So it's time to go back in there and get'er done.

Jan 16, 2012

Sew Happy Geek QAL Week 1

I'm participating in the Sew.Happy.Geek quilt-a-long. This is going to make a throw size quilt. I choose to go with the teal, orange, grey and white color scheme. Week 1 blocks were pretty easy. You have and snowball block and a woven block. It was pretty nice to shop from my faric I had a home. I don't have a ton in these colors so it may be a bit limited but I think it will be nice.
Snowball block. 
I'm in love with the dots.

Woven block.
 I really like this block. 
I could see myself doing a whole quilt with just this block.

The two blocks together.

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Jan 14, 2012

Thangles BOM

This past summer my lqs was offering a BOM using thangles. The most awesome part is that it was only a six dollar joining fee and as long as I Bring the blocks back in the correct month the kit is only a dollar. This quilt will make a twin size when It's completed. It will involve doing a littler more to each block considering they are roughly 6.25 inches big. 
So I don't know if you know what thangles are but they are this piece of paper that you place over 2 pieces of fabric and they help you make HST relatively easy.
This is three months of blocks. I try to pick all my BOM blocks up on the same day so I have to wait a week longer to get month 4


The best part of this kit is there is just enough fabric let to squeeze out this misfit block.I think I'm going to use these on the backing. I haven't made my misfit block for November or December yet.

Jan 13, 2012

Practice Swoon

I made my practice swoon yesterday afternoon. I have to say it makes a lovely block but boy was it time consuming. I think once I really get into the blocks for my quilt it will be easier, since today I was just cutting for one block. I did chain piece all my pieces. I took the time to pin everything and mark the lines and then sewed them all at on time. I pressed everything and then set up the pieces for the final sewing before you construct the blocks. I starched like crazy also. I starched before but since I bought this starch alternative that smells like tea roses I'm really going crazy. 

I need to sew all off this together and add the border. I think I'm going to hand quilt this with come chunky stitches in the green and purple. I know Chels is going to be so surprised. I sent my aunt a picture and she said she would love it.

Now just to decide what I'm going to use to make mine. Love window fabric shopping.

Jan 12, 2012

Swoon Me

I know this is a complete contradiction to yesterdays post...But as I sit here looking at everyone's swoon blocks from the Swoon-along Flickr group. I just want to make my swoon now! I joined the group with the full intention of making it a little later like next month. I know think after I get my house work done I'm going to go up and make a practice block. I'm going to practice with lime green and purple and make my favorite cousin a wall hanging for her very first apartment. That's right purple and lime green. I know eww right, but that girl loves her some Arctic Cats and since she lives in the arctic, I'm going to indulge her. Nah... just kidding she lives in Michigan. Which probably feels arctic compared to Indiana. Does anyone else have there spring bulbs trying to bloom? I'm scared about what will happen to them with this snow storm coming today.

 Here are some of my fav swoon pictures from the group photos. I know I need to give credit where credit is do but I can't figure out where the little link spot went on the bottom of this mosaic. I'm hoping when you click on the picture it will take you back to the owner.

Jan 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2012

Along with me sewing goals. I have many many unfinished projects. They are in various stages and while I was cleaning my sewing nook out over the weekend I keep finding a bag here or a plastic tote there with the different projects in them. As part of  2012 I realized I need to have my crap together. Not only in my quilting but in my personal life as well but for this blog and this time I'm just going to cover my quilty goals. I need a schedule or a structure of sort which lead me to making up these goals....

I'm going to divide the year in half. So for the first six month any quilty project that is not a quilt top needs to be done. That's correct all fabric cut or half sewn together needs to be made into a quilt top by June 1st. As for the rest of the year the quilt tops then need to have progress towards becoming a quilt for us to keep or give away.  Know I have a realistic view here and I'm going to cut myself some slack cause I know even though other people can pump out a bazillion quilts a year, I can't and I'm not even going to feel bad if I can't possible finish all the tops. I will however not allow myself to fall behind on making the tops. You can see for yourself soon that most of the work is done. The majority is cut or precut. I decided to keep out the boxes that are just not cut fabric. Besides there are only two of those. They are just going to counted as stash for now.

So lets introduce the boxes....

Chasing Chevrons.
 Not getting much done cause the light sucks for trimming squares

 Something scrappy.
Excuse for this one....Lost the pattern.
See why I need some personal goals. I'm constantly loosing stuff

 applique wall hanging. 
Got pushed to the side cause sewing and H's volleyball practice don't mix

 Christmas throw quilt.
Don't really like the fabric.

 Make Life tumblers.
Just six more rows to piece. I actually can't wait to finish this!

Amy Butler Dresdens.
Was going to be a baby quilt but i took one of the dresdens and made a pillow so now I don't know what I want to do.
 Hometown jelly roll. 
Want to make this. Need to get the backing and binding

 Bliss tumblers.

 Modern Workshop my grandma got me for my birthday. 
not quite sure but I have been playing around

Finally the string quilt.
 I don't have a lot of room to lay this out so I'm just going to wing it 4 or 6 strips at a time.

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Jan 8, 2012

I have fought a battle with the union jack devil

And have won! It only wasted 4 sheets if paper, along with multiple paper piecing videos on YouTube, along with completely given me a tension headache, and completely given me a tension headache. But I have one quarter of it done on my practice block. I also don't think one cuss word left my mouth. Hehehehe they were all inside my head.

Paper piecing is kinda hard folks. I can't say I'll be able to get right there today cause it's kinda ass backwards but this block is going to be buried with me.

P.s. This is not me complaining about a block choice. This is me triumphing over something I didn't know how to do. That's all.

Jan 4, 2012

Someone should put me in a straight jacket...

If I sign up for one more thing on flickr!

I think I've gone out of control. It all started with doing one bee block group. Then another. Then a swap and then Another swap. OK so 4 things really isn't that much but when I add in all my WIP, and the BOMs I signed up for at my LQS.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know I can do this I just need to work out a schedule for it.

Secondly I need to figure out how to balance my sewing and my house and family. Any suggestions. I think I'm going to add a chore chart for the almost 11yr old. It's about time she picks up after herself. The hubs is another story. He has such an erratic schedule that I don't normally ask him for much help. But starting today if he's not at work he's got a chore. It's time to be a slave driver.....hahahahahaha.

OK in all fairness I'm saying this because I got out of work early and came home to put away our Christmas decorations. GASP!!! Yes they are still out. I didn't feel so Christmassy when we normally put out everything so I waited a little longer to put it all away. So after everything was place in it's home awaiting the teck back to the basement I decided to pull all the furniture back and start sweeping the whole room. Lets just say if I were going to keep it real I would post the picture I sent my Hubby. Except I'm not really ready to be that real. I found so much of the girls stuff it wasn't even funny, the worst part is I just did this a while back and it wasn't that bad. I know one day I'm going to miss finding decorative pencils EVERYWHERE!!!!

Last but not least.... A few pictures of life around here...

My We bee learning January block.
 Made with DS Quilts I think the Daisey Mae Line, Kona Grey and not sure about the black.

Miss H with her cousin New Years Day

H Christmas morning waiting for her Dad to get up

Opening presents.

Cody not really awake. 

Jan 1, 2012

Let's give some love for the beach!

I really need to get my clutter under control
 In a previous post I said I wasn't making anything homemade for Christmas. That all changed as I was window shopping for fabric and saw this fabric bundle. You see my in-laws are all about the beach. going to the beach, dreaming about selling all there belongings and driving the car till it dies and then getting a place on the beach. I love their spirit about it. Every year they take multiple beach vacations and always bring something home beach related and it then goes on this fishing net in the bathroom. At Christmas time the nets gets beachy ornaments. Anyway I think I'm making it sound over the top, So when I saw this bundle I said Hey I could make that by Christmas for My mother-in-law. 

 Here it is all cut out waiting for me to sew it together. Don't mind my flannel stapled to the wall. That's how U roll here when I don't fell like taking the time to make a proper design way. I just wing it! besides staples are the best friend to a non-construction type person like myself.
Here the mini quilt is in it's new home. It's going to look great in this bright kitchen.

I bought the fabric bundle at Marmalade Fabrics, but the person who designed it is Teaginny Designs.
 Thanks to both for making it so easy to give a homemade gift.