Dec 2, 2010

My hobo pie carrying package

I was leafing through some magazine last week. I think it was one of the Better Homes and Gardens crafty ones I had laying around and out popped this pie carrying holder. So after cooking all day I whipped one of these up before we went to our pre-Thanksgiving dinner ( My mother in law always has a family dinner the night before we go to the huge family dinner the next day.)
So the way it works is you slip the little handles over the big long handle and make yourself a little hobo pie carring holder minus the stick. My daughter found this hilarious and I kinda do to now. How funny would it be to see someone walking around with a hobo package and it had a stick you could lean it over your shoulder. I don't know about you but the word hobo is so funny. I'm literally about to pee my pants laughing while I type this.

I'm sorry I know it's rude to laugh over the word hobo but it really goes back to a family humor thing.
See it's so humerus that this summer I took a picture of this convenient store in Alabama and I brought back a fountain cup with the stores label for my bubs.

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