Sep 29, 2010

Back to square one.

Well after feeling like I have got so much done, Tuesday hit and I didn't do much in the way of sewing. I got ten more blocks sewn on the batik quilt. I don't think that really counts cause it's so easy. I did go to Always in Stitches yesterday to get some fabric for the backs of some of the things I made.

Got a lot of Moda, some of it was from older lines that were in the clearance room. Look at the one that looks like eyelashes (Amy Butler). I love it. I look at it every time I go and I took the plunge and got some.

I did go visit my Husband's Grandma yesterday. Last year I had made her this quilt for Christmas. It has our hands on it so when she cuddles up it's like we're hugging her. Anyway I wasn't a good binding when I made this so of course It needed a fix and I went to take it back and visit. I think in the spring when she gets home I'm going to just put a brand new binding on it. She was so glad to have it back. Rumor is she has missed it but I kinda took a little bit longer than I should have cause I was terrified of my hand sewing skills. I didn't grow up in a house with a crafty sewing mom. She was the type of mom
who could help you out with a handy project. I can use power tools because of her and not feel scared to try new things out.

H looked so cute all snuggled up on this couch this morning.  Today was jammie day at school and she worked so hard at getting the right jammie outfit together. It really is like pieces from three jammie outfits.
I'm so excited to say that I have been following along this quilt along.  It's for baby quilts and you never know when you will need to have one up your sleeve for a quick gift. I have just started getting into these quilting blogs and I can't believe how I ever survived with out them. These people are so talented and quick.

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