Dec 1, 2010

kids, candles and snow

While I'm finally getting around to the pictures promised from the other day. First we have nieces and nephews. Damion the one on the right in the top picture cracks me up. He refused to have his picture taken and so since I'm such a wonderful aunt I promised him gum to do it. Well this booger is so smart that he remembered how many pictures I took and was slightly annoyed when my mom only gave him 1 piece instead of 6.
These guys were having super fun playing in the boxes they were like pop up monsters.

Here is my beautiful candle mat I received in the swap I did. I love it and the second picture is with a candle burning. My partner did a wonderful job!!!! It was a lovely gift after having such an exhausting day. I love it so much that I'm going to make a quilt to match it. I knew I bought all that 12 days of Christmas fabric for a reason.     

We put our tree up Saturday. We got a new one last  year after Christmas because after 2 years of having a 6ft tree in a house with 12 ft ceilings I felt we needed something more proportionate. My hubby loving yesterday went out and bought me new LED lights for it and instead of having to have like 6 strands this 1 strand does the job. Now where is the energy to go down in the creepy basement and pull out the ornaments. Those of you that have fake trees I recommend you running out to either Bath and Body Works or Yankee candle and buying one of those tree smelling candles. Unless the reason you buy fake is because you don't like the smell. I do fake because I would forget to water it. I guess that's why all my house plants are of the please only water me when you see me wilting variety.

Lastly I love the weather today! I went to bed and woke up to snow!!!! Granted it's only a dusting and we won't get dumped on for probably another month it's still so beautiful.  This one is when I was dropping H off at school.

This one is of my patio. See the snow came early this year and I haven't covered my patio set. Good thing after this melts I'll be able to get it done. But it looks so pretty with the snow.

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