Oct 6, 2010

My almost first quilt.

When I got married almost four years ago, I wanted to have a quilt made for people to sign. Back then I didn't know much about signature quilts. I just knew I wanted to have something warm to curl up and cuddle with my hubby that had special meaning to us. My grandma showed me how to cut it...i.e she cut the fabric while I watched. I learned about ironing safety that day as well but as long as no one is calling cps I'll share. First when the iron is hot and you are using the kitchen table as an iprov sewing studio be sure when your done with the iron and it is still remove it from the edge of the table or at least turn it from having the hot side to the outside. Poor H ran into the house from playing outside and ran her small little arm right into that iron. Luckily it didn't scar to bad sometimes I can see faint little holes but that may just be my guilt . I was going to have these squares sewn together and hanging somewhere on the day of the wedding. Well as things go I never go them sewn together, so the squares were going to go on in a basket and people could sign the square and then later I would sew them together.

Fast forward to the wedding day........Forgot to put the baskets out! It seems that the day of your wedding is a very hectic day. I even forgot to walk down the aisle holding my bouquet!

So here it is. Top is done and it was quilted very minimal so it's just waiting for me to bind it up.

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