Nov 27, 2010

I have had a very fun and eventful last couple weeks. First I started a new job and I love it! Second my niece and nephew were here for a visit this past week. Third I 've been sewing stuff up and well shopping. How did you all fair for black Friday? I am so exhausted from it. I was suppose to work the day and not get to go shopping, but I got all my stuff done so I met up with my mom, aunt, sis in law and cousin and started shopping. I got some great deals but what I didn't get was a nap. So after the shopping all day, We went to the Pacers game. It's like a family tradition that we got to the game the day after thanksgiving. So mix in one very exhausted girl and a game that started later and throw in an overtime. I was punch drink. It was a good time but it reminds me I am not as young as I once was. I can't go on 4 hours of sleep and then stay up all day and most of the night. Best part of the day was getting the mail and I got my candle mat!!!!! All the way from England. Pictures to come tomorrow of everything. I loaned my camera out for the evening and forgot to take the memory card out of it. Happy Holidays!

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