Jan 14, 2011

What I did instead.

I know I had said I was going to work on my hourglass blocks but instead I met my husband at best buy. I'm such a rocker outer that I blew the front speaker in my car and since the other front on had to work so hard It's about to go also. It seems so rare that we are able to go do stuff on a weekday together that it was really nice. We went to the mall after that so I could be the first one to pre-order the IPhone. I'm going to camp out at the Verizon store....ahahahahaha just kidding or am I? Not only do I rock out in my car but I have abused the crust out of my phone so it was time to take advantage of my insurance. So we go only to find out you have to do it at home. So this is when my moment of weakness hit. I had stuck my hobo package in my car so I could get my free FQ. This is what happened......
                                                       A little bit of Hope Valley.......
                                Some Kona Aqua and a bit of Suess fabric for the Suess quilt.....
                                                                Wee Play anyone?

Maybe some Amy Butler. In my defense I know I have the stuff on the bottom but this time this is not for me.

                    Last but not least some more Prairie Paisley. I really love the reds and blues in this line. I got a couple FQ's too but they are in a different pile and my lazy rear end doesn't want to go get them.
                                                           HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

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