Jan 13, 2011

I have been having the best time with these.

I know I said before I didn't really like this fabric. I take it back, it's really starting to grow on me.
I have half of my hour glass blocks done and only 40 more to go. Then I can start to sew them all together, I was going to work on them after church. But my mom wanted to do a family dinner so I packed it all up and away we went. Well I got there and nothing was going right. First I was going to have to use the counter and the cord wasn't long enough for the foot thing to touch the ground, besides I'm not even use to a foot thing anymore cause my new one has button starting. LOVE IT! So I figure out what I'm going to do and then I go to start sewing remembering Grandma had said make sure you hold the strings or it will mess up and so I do that and it still jams up. At this point I.m getting very frustrated cause I also have all my bothers and their ladies there, along with additional children and lets just say it was not the peaceful room I have at home where it's just me and the dog and on occasionaly the cat. I just knew I wouldn't be happy so I packed it all back up and went and enjoyed my family.
.I will be geting these finished today after my doctors appt. though.....hopefully.

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