Jan 15, 2011

What I'm going to finsh this week.

I keep the bulk of my fabric in a dresser. Not a big dresser, it's relatively small, it has one large drawer and two smaller drawers. It's from the era of when my momma was a child. It's painted a cream but it had spent some time in a basement. It serves it's function but man is it ugly. It had those old brass flower drawer pulls. and the color well I hate it. Since my house it's very old and our room is what use to be the attic we don't have much height space so this dresser along with it being my fabric safe keeper also holds my hubs TV. So it is in our room and well it just doesn't make me feel serenity when I walk in here. Neither does the TV but in order to move that baby out the hubby would have to go too and I'm just not up for that. ;) I went to Lowes. Who doesn't love Lowes? I was looking at their OOPS paint and found a baby blue one. It was three dollars!!!!! Walked my happy feet over to the drawer pulls and found me six that I liked  and came straight home to paint this dresser. I just happened to be home alone that day and I realized  couldn't move the monster of the TV off the dresser. I was just going to have to be happy with painting the drawers. I got two done and waited for them to dry and I haven't come back to finish it yet. That was like three months ago. Ummm procrastination anyone? I think you have may just meet their queen. That's right it's me. I so solemnly vow to finish this dresser up by next Sunday.  This is what it looks like and I have the small drawers done. Consider this the sneak peak.

Well maybe except for the top cause that TV really is a beast. I think I know that a woman must have come up with the idea for flat panels. It's a marriage compromise. He can have a beastly TV and she can move it while he's a work and not have to hire 2 men and a truck to do it. ;) Maybe we should head over to best buy and get one of those while were at it.

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