Jan 21, 2011

It's a start.

Happy Friday. I made it through the work week not that it was hard I really love my job. Home life this week was full of fun drama, So I was really looking forward to a night alone in my nook. I made the fam dinner and fixed me a beverage. (tomato juice...Why am I CRAVING tomato juice?) I wasn't in the mood to work on anything I have already started on so I...

Strip pieced forty-eight 2x22 in strips. One colored piece of fabric to one white piece. Well I had to cut them out first. but the picture is only of 28 cause I thought to take a picture after I had started pressing.  Then I pressed them open and cut then in to 2in segments. Again the below picture is of 20 because I kinda got bored and decided to stop to take pictures and a blog post. Ummmmmm can you say ADHD anyone?

WOW! That white is bright in the flash.

So then I cut 256 half square triangles. I'm not really sure how big of a square they would be cause I used my new Fons and Porter triangle ruler. So easy. I used three and a half inches
3.5 in HSQ
Then I cut out 128 two inch half square triangles. Again using that ruler.
2in HSQ

 I then cut out 128  2x3.5 rectangles.

What am I attempting to make? The quilt called Scrap Happy from the August edition of Love of Quilting. I'm not feeling the confidence to make anything of my own so I had a TON of scraps on hand and thought what they heck. Hope your having fun with your Friday night sewing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend?

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