Jan 23, 2011

Socks 2, Me 0

Socks by Betsey Johnson. Swollen feet  by bloody marys and spicy olives.
Lets set the scene. Two weeks ago i start the washer with a small load of misfit items that missed the major loads. I got after a reasonable amount of time and the washer is still full of water. Hubster comes home from work. Can't figure it out so he takes all clothes out of washer and shop vacs all water out to do his thing. 2 days later I'm leaving work and I get a voicemail.

Cody: Hey I wanted to let you know I fixed the washer. Ummmm your SOCK went through it and clogged up the pump.
Me: bahahahahha. Thank God I don't have to buy a new washer.

Then today, I go to vacuum our bedroom and it's not doing anything. I mean the noise is going on but the cup is not spinning and anything I suck over the dusty stuff is comig out the front of the vacuum.

Me: Babe can you come here
Cody:  OK
Me: The vacuum is broke.
Cody: Again? Really you need to stop breaking it!
~so as he turns it over and checks the part where the stuff goes into the vacuum, because I am notorious for vacuuming up bobby pins. There is a freaking SOCK in the roller thing. I'm not even kidding the only thing we can do is start laughing hilariously cause where do the SOCKS keep coming  from!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PamKittyMorning said...

HILARIUOS. You have some mean sox over there.