Jan 23, 2011

Sunday Dresser Story

The color doesn't do it justice. It's really not a baby blue but maybe a robins egg blue tealish color.

I did it. I said I would have something done by a certain day and I actually got it done before that date. Well minus one side but I have a very good reason for that. The paint I was using was really stinky and I wasn't feeling good to begin with. See that trim around the side. That's all I have left to finish. So last Sunday I woke up feeling so sick to my tummy. I laid around watching TV and then the feeling kinda went away and I saw the paint and thought why not. Well the why not turned out to be I forgot how bad this paint smelled and how slow it dried. I had pulled out all the fabric and so while the large drawer dried in the hallway for THREE DAYS the small drawers held the fabric in heaping piles that were about to topple over any minute. Not to mention the tripping hazard they were creating. I surely didn't think this over well. Finally the drawer was dry and the dresser was dry enough for all the drawers to go back into it. So it's over, well until this summer when it's going to get a second coat only this time it will be done in a ventilated area and not in the middle of winter.

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