Jan 22, 2011

Well the inspiration hit.

I love Jason Aldean and as I was pressing those strips I showed last night I heard he was going to be at Verizon (Deer Creek) this spring. What is Verizon? It's an outdoor amplitheaher thing. We live like 6 miles from there and go to a couple shows a season. We normally sit in the lawn cause it's more comfortable for my hubby. You bring in a blanket and pick a spot and settle in. We never have anything to use when we go cause all our blankets that no one cared about went to the our dog when we got her.

So I was going through totes that we keep in our closet and I found all this fabric I bought at Walmart(GASP) like a million years ago before I ever had sewn 2 pieces of fabric together. After I realized the difference this stuff as put up and as seen the light of day one time when my daughter needed a sit-upon for girl scouts and didn't want what was offered at her meeting. I thought what the heck. I've never done anything where I have never measured before so I just started cutting. I have 3 bocks done so far and will probably make 5 more. That sound make a nice size quilt for two or three people to sit on. Best part is this stuff came from walmart so who cares if it gets dirty. This will also be nice when we have grand kid picnics at my Momma's this summer too

I'm kind curious to see what it's going to look like when it's all said and done.

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Impera_Magna said...

You blocks are cool! I'm sure your quilt is gonna be great... I'd like to make one to keep in the car and I like your idea very much!