Jan 17, 2011

Amazing lotion!

I love lotions. Who doesn't? You feel so soft and silky, your skin looks better after you use it. I paticuliarly love how my hands don't look so dry in the winter. Well this past year I got a little crazy and bought so much lotion form bath and body works. I somehow kept getting ten dollar off coupons and then I would get free product coupons and so now a whole shelf is stuffed full. Well this morning I was sewing and looked down and my hand were gross. They were dry and scratchy and I just couldn't take it. I go to the bathroom to find the aquaphor and just next to that was a travel size of Bath and Body's tahiti sweetie. It is lovely. It just smells so sweet and clean. Then the magic struck! Why not mix the tahiti sweetie with the aquaphor so u have the heavy creamylotion that soaks in but it smells so good. It also worked better than any plain lotion or body butter.

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