Jan 12, 2011


Opening my honey bun of Arcadia!!!!!!!!!!
I love it, love it, love it!!!!!
I came around in the game a little late and got a good deal on it. So from that day I have just admired and it has sat on the shelf cause I really wanted to rip it open right away but I waited and finally decided to make a stripey quilt for me, myself and I (hopefully it will be mine cause a certain someone keeps eyeing it)
Since it's only a honey bun I'll have to have a large strip of that Robert Kaufman bone fabric on each side of the colored strips to make it a bit bigger but I'm so excited. I have 20 strips done and 20 more to do tomorrow before I get my final layout so I can trim the edges and start sewing all the strips together. Hey sounds like a project I could do if I sign up for my LQS quilt in at the end of the month.
What do you think?

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