Jan 30, 2012

Caught up monday...

Well In the Sew Happy Quilt Along I'm am caught back up, until tomorrow :) 
I was crazy busy at work week 3 for the template star. Then over the weekend I was having a difficult time with my printer. Turns out somehow when I plugged the printer into the USB and the computer decided to reload the software for the printer it made it a different model number. Hubby came home from his service emergency and fixed it. Then Sunday a different project started calling my name so the block didn't get made until today. It's suppose to be 12.5in but it's way smaller. I'm not sure what happened but I'll either add a border to it or remake it.

I also made week 4's block which is firefly block, and it was designed by Melissa. This block went together pretty easy. I only had to get the seam ripper out once. This block kinda reminds me of the jewelry box block I made for this quilt.

Both blocks together. I waited to long to go outside and get the pictures. It was a beautiful sunny day In Indiana today. It felt like March or April. I can't believe it's going to snow showers this weekend for the Superbowl. Well maybe everyone will come early and at least get a bit of nice crisp days.

Finally I wanted to show you all my blocks together. 
I kinda can't wait to see how this one pans out.

I'm linking up with Manic Monday and Sew Modern Monday.
Hey can anyone tell me how to post the buttons in my post. I'm kinda not tech savvy.


Lisaleh said...

To post the button, cut and paste the code from the original site. Jenna has it in her sidebar. Then, at the top of your post in blogger there are two buttons on the left. One says compose and the other says HTML. Click HTML and paste the code for the button. Then hit compose and you will see the button! Easy peasy! Let me know if you have questions!

SoSarahSews said...

They look great together! Love the colors.

Mrs.Pickles said...

Lovely work!! I need to spend some time in the craft room and try to catch up!! as for adding the button Lisa's way sounds like the correct way...I however was just copying and paste the button and then hi light the pic and hit the link button and add the link to the site...lol I learnt something new!!

Josie McRazie said...

feels good to get caught up doesn't it!! Love the blocks and your colour choices!!

Aunt Spicy said...

totally adore the orange and blue! so fun! I really need to focus on my sewing room and get my machine out!