Jan 13, 2012

Practice Swoon

I made my practice swoon yesterday afternoon. I have to say it makes a lovely block but boy was it time consuming. I think once I really get into the blocks for my quilt it will be easier, since today I was just cutting for one block. I did chain piece all my pieces. I took the time to pin everything and mark the lines and then sewed them all at on time. I pressed everything and then set up the pieces for the final sewing before you construct the blocks. I starched like crazy also. I starched before but since I bought this starch alternative that smells like tea roses I'm really going crazy. 

I need to sew all off this together and add the border. I think I'm going to hand quilt this with come chunky stitches in the green and purple. I know Chels is going to be so surprised. I sent my aunt a picture and she said she would love it.

Now just to decide what I'm going to use to make mine. Love window fabric shopping.

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Mrs.Pickles said...

beautiful block