Jan 4, 2012

Someone should put me in a straight jacket...

If I sign up for one more thing on flickr!

I think I've gone out of control. It all started with doing one bee block group. Then another. Then a swap and then Another swap. OK so 4 things really isn't that much but when I add in all my WIP, and the BOMs I signed up for at my LQS.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know I can do this I just need to work out a schedule for it.

Secondly I need to figure out how to balance my sewing and my house and family. Any suggestions. I think I'm going to add a chore chart for the almost 11yr old. It's about time she picks up after herself. The hubs is another story. He has such an erratic schedule that I don't normally ask him for much help. But starting today if he's not at work he's got a chore. It's time to be a slave driver.....hahahahahaha.

OK in all fairness I'm saying this because I got out of work early and came home to put away our Christmas decorations. GASP!!! Yes they are still out. I didn't feel so Christmassy when we normally put out everything so I waited a little longer to put it all away. So after everything was place in it's home awaiting the teck back to the basement I decided to pull all the furniture back and start sweeping the whole room. Lets just say if I were going to keep it real I would post the picture I sent my Hubby. Except I'm not really ready to be that real. I found so much of the girls stuff it wasn't even funny, the worst part is I just did this a while back and it wasn't that bad. I know one day I'm going to miss finding decorative pencils EVERYWHERE!!!!

Last but not least.... A few pictures of life around here...

My We bee learning January block.
 Made with DS Quilts I think the Daisey Mae Line, Kona Grey and not sure about the black.

Miss H with her cousin New Years Day

H Christmas morning waiting for her Dad to get up

Opening presents.

Cody not really awake. 


Lisaleh said...

I totally hear you on the biting off more than you can chew thing on Flickr. I went all gung ho and signed up for a ton of stuff. My hubby told me last night to remember it's supposed to be FUN and I shouldn't stress about getting it all done. He's so right!
PS Very pretty tree :)

Laura said...

I am the same way. I have started too many things but they all sound so fun and I couldn't help myself. I am in the We Bee Learning group with you and I love your first square. I think the colors look good together.

Mrs.Pickles said...

It sounds like the lot of us are all in the same boat and the same bee...LOL I am not sure what I was thinking signing up for 5 bees and 3 swaps.(okay 2 are my own bee's, but still...LOL)I think everyone might bee feeling the same way so we can all be considerate of the fact we are all freaking out :0

Love the block!! Can't wait to get my hands on it!