Jan 17, 2012

Sew Happy Geek QA Week 2

Here are my week two blocks.  From the Sew.Happy.Geek QA. I had some unexpected time off from work this past week and went ahead and started on my blocks. The first block I made was this friendship block. It was pretty easy although I'm not sure I really like the colors but I'm just going to keep it until I have all the blocks and then I'll decide. I really like the printed fabric. I wish I had a bit more to hold back as stash, a la hoarders style.

The next block was a quarter square triangle pinwheel or QST pinwheel. Let me just say that I seriously dislike pinwheels. They are beautiful when other people make them. For me they are a heart attack waiting to happen. My blood pressure rises, I feel the incredible hulk anger coming up. Just kidding it's not that bad. If I would just learn to have a little patience with them I'd be good, My problem is I know it's pretty simple so I don't lay the block out before I sew it thinking I'll just wing it.
 This is what happens... 
Anyone else see where my block is wrong.
 So the seam ripper came out and I took part of it apart and still it was a mess. I put it aside and walked away. I unplugged the whole sewing nook for the weekend. So it's time to go back in there and get'er done.


Mrs.Pickles said...

great looking blocks. Took me awhile to see the mistake on the pinwheel...lol I thought it still looked really good though!

Josie McRazie said...

well, I guess I am not asking for pinwheels in my month! LOL I thought about it, but then decided that there are a lot of people who don't like them!

Quiltstory said...

Looking good!! I can totally relate...I do that often, just have to step away. Especially if too many numbers are involved, I have to leave before I cry ;) Thanks for linking!