Feb 2, 2011


 Today I have been digging my car out from under ice in order to go home. The top and windshield probably had 4 inches of ice. I had to chisel my way into it with my key to be able to start it and get my scrapper. Fun times.
 Things I have worked on...

  My mug rugs. Gasp! I used polyester batting. I finally have used up the last of what was giving to me. YAY! For the other one I broke open one of my Sunkissed charms. No pictures of that one yet.

This scrappy quilt. I need to finish pressing the strips and cutting them. Then one I have the color pieces finished I can start cutting the white pieces. I'm sure there is a better way to do this but I'm trying to be methodical. We'll see how well it goes.

Things I haven't been working on...

 This quilt needs  to have the backing made and possible have a border put on it. I think this guy will be staying home since it's not lined up very well. H's babies always need quilts.

 This quilt needs the backing made. I thought I would be able to just use the fabric I had until I realized I didn't buy enough so a pieced back it is. I'm not sure how I want to piece it together so it just sits and waits.
The daughter's Seuss quilt needs a backing and I'm thinking I may just go with a plain red back with a cross with the leftover Seuss fabric pieced in. So again another pieced backing needing to be made.

This quilt needs to have the binding and then it's good for the washer. Trouble is I don't know what to bind it in. Any suggestions? The front is pink and green and the backing is tan. I was thinking a green plaid.
My hourglass quilt the blocks are all done. I need to start squaring them up.                                            
My strippy Arcadia quilt needs to have the rest of the Kona Bone cut for the strips. I have 20 left to do. Unfortunately I need to finish my design wall so I can lay them out so I can decide on their layout before I can sew them.


Tanya said...

Wow! Those are some teeny tiny swirls (or loops?) in that first picture! I love the hourglass one (I'm wanting to make one of those soon, too) and those strips in that last one look so skinny--that should be a fun one!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow you have a lot going on! For that pink/green quilt, I would probably find a fun stripe, although plaid would serve the same purpose.

I love Arcadia. Wish I would have purchased some...

And your Dr. Seuss looks fun!

P.s. what is your blog font? It's super fun. I'm trying to figure out how to get a fun font on my blog. Suggestions? That question qualifies for Works in Progress Wednesday, right??

Lee said...

I love the Arcadia strippy quilt! So cool! That polka-dot mug rug looks great too.

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Have a great week!

elle said...

AH, I relate. I recommend 'understanding'. Apparently dopamines are released when we anticipate a happy event. That's the warm fuzzies for the start of new projects. Not too many for the end, I guess. Basting is a downer so maybe throw a party and invite basters! But ya gotta figure how to be happy at the finish. I got to the place where all my starts were beginning to depress so I had a serious talk with myself. lol Now my mission is to clean up the wips. Pick one, get it done. Pick another, get it done. Success builds success. A pretty pink and green plaid, on the diagonal would be a pretty binding.