Feb 11, 2011

Many thanks...

I received the best suggestions for getting over my slump. I want to say thank you so very much. I have to say the sitting down and do a little mindless sewing was what worked the best along with a little sunshine. To bad it's only 12 degrees outside.

So this is what my mindless sewing accomplished for me. I made a baby blanket I wish I knew what the fabric was but of course I bought a charm pack from my LQS when they were making charm packs with fabrics and I meant to look when I stopped in there today. The bad part was I don't have anything to bind this with until I go back out and buy it and I'm annoyed cause I was there this morning.
And because everyone has such lovely quilt in the snow pictures I wanted one too. I think I'm going to name this quilt beetlejuice. Those swirley black and white things on the fabric make me think of beetlejuice

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