Feb 1, 2011

Slumber parties and Ice storms

With the warnings of huge ice storms where I live. We have packed up and headed to my Mom's. She has a generator and we have a lovely house but I have a magnolia tree, and unfortunately there is the main power line that runs through that tree and I really didn't want to wake up to no power and having a difficult time tying to get anywhere with icy roads. We also do not have a generator

So in the meantime we are playing the Wii, reading books. and watching movies. Sorry about a picture from Christmas but of course I didn't grab the camera either.

My brave hubby decided to man our house in case we lost power he could shut off water mains and such. What I do regret in my hurry to pack us up and ship us out was to grab my sewing machine. This being home and knowing I could get a lot done but nothing to work on sucks.  

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