Sep 22, 2010

One more time for the girls!!!!

I may or may not have forgotten my grocery list at home so I could have more coffee before I join the world.
Since I had to come back to the house I thought I'd get to those pictures so I wouldn't forget. I was also looking at Diary of a Quilter and saw she was doing a quilt along. I think I'm going follow along. I'm a few weeks behind but so far they have been taking about supplies and picking out fabric (check it out her blog is in my blog list). So along with the grocery I'll be heading over to Always in Stitches (our local quilt shop heaven) to pick out the fabric. It's a baby quilt and my Hubs has a HUGE family so you never know when you need a baby quilt on the quick. Last year 2 of this cousins had babies with in a month of each other. That was so fun making them both quilts at the same time. It was well worth it when they opened their gifts though.

This is what I was working on last night at work.

So here is the project I put off forever but it's what I was pressing last night. All thats left is to pin on those rectangles and sew em on and then connect the blocks. Easy cheesy! Not a border in sight for this guy

While I was taking about my daughter Hailie (H for short) I would include a picture of these little clay containers she made me to put my pins in so i woudn't toss them on the counter and them have to remeber to put them back. Isn't she just the cutest thing that ever walked into my life?

Ok now I'm really going to the grocery!

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