Sep 22, 2010

Why is it so early....

Happy Wednesday

I am in need of a huge cup of coffee. After having to work so late last night, I have the fun of getting up and getting my nine year old daughter up and ready for school. She must have sensed I would be dragging cause I come downstairs and she is already awake and getting ready. Thank you God for small blessings!

So I am going to make the quilt for my cousin and after I drop of H at school and run to the grocery (I seemed to have forgotten that errand for the past couple days) I will be coming out and working that quilt out on paper and figuring out what to buy and how much.  YAY, for starting new projects when others aren't finished. I know you fellow crafty peps understand me. My hubs on the other hand thinks this is crazy to start so many when others aren't even finished.

I better go. I promised pictures but we're running late for dropping H of at school. Pictures to follow

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