Feb 7, 2012


Progress on my Strips.  I had wanted to work on something else and made myself sit down with this box. What was really holding me back was a lack of space to lay them all out. Instead i though them all it a box and staggered them as I sewed them together. I them sewed the strips into groups of 8 and laid them across the bannister

Nice machine shot and the ends of the strips all staggered.

This is my favorite part. The ends of all the staggered strips. I only have 10 more to do. I had hoped i would get to it sooner but I haven't been feeling so hot. I love being sick...NOT! I don't even want to get up and wonder my house cause I can just guess what's waiting for me when I feel better.

Oh yay, I only have 10 more strips to go.
I do need your advice. 
I only have 40 strips and it was a honeybun these came from so they are 1in finished so this portion is only 40 in. So my question is should I place the cream color on both sides of the strips so they are in the middle? Or would t look better as the cream color all on the top and the strips being on the bottom?


Aunt Spicy said...

I can already tell I super love it! How wide and long are the strips?

Mrs.Pickles said...

ohhh very pretty! I think cream on the other side would be very nice.