Feb 2, 2012

January block

In my Bee Creative bee group Miss Januray asked for a Union Jack. She said use whatever you wanted to use. I used Kona white, that red that reminds me of coral and a steel gray blue.

This is the block I finally mailed off to her Monday. I had started to make myself a practice block and thought cause I conquered a quarter of it that I was good. It was my first time paper piecing and it really through me for a loop. So I made the block and got it all ready for shipping and I just couldn't mail it. Something seemed off. So I remade it and it turns out on my first one I didn't add on a quarter inch to the finished section so when I sewed it together is was kinda scrunched. Well with my stress level through he roof it didn't hit me right away that it was BAD!!! The block was bad but my subconsciousness knew. 

Thank you Jimmeny Cricket for saving the day and my pride. I would have been so embarrassed had I ignored the feeling and mailed it off. 


Laura said...

Love my block! Thank you so much!

Mrs.Pickles said...

great looking block!

Josie McRazie said...

but it all turned out beautiful in the end! Now go have a glass (or a whole bottle) of wine!! LOL