Feb 3, 2012

My Friday Finish

My hourglass quilt top is finished! I may or may not add a border before quilting this but for now the top is finished and it's off to the pile of things to quilt.

The close up of it. This was made with The Caroler fabric I got somewhere. I can't really remember. I wasn't so sure I like it and I know I don't really like the fabrics up close but when I look at them as a grouping and don't focus on any of them I kinda like the top. 

I hung this in my ceiling to take this picture with pins. 
Oops. Don't tell Cody.

As you can see I have some crazy roof angles to avoid in the morning as I head to the bathroom. I may or may not have smacked my head right into that wall portion the quilt is hanging on.
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Josie McRazie said...

Great finish!! Those pesky ceilings! They are the reason I live in a house with no shower!!!!

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely quilt top!

Mary said...

I can see your point about the fabric but I like it grouped together.

I am not even going to ask about the ceiling. I go the other way and just spread mine on the floor. Then I go upstairs and lean over the banister and take my pictures. If my husband saw me he would have a conniption fit.