Feb 26, 2012

My March block

I have ask my bee group to make me wonky stars. I'm positive there are other tutorials for this but after a week of scouring the internet and read multiple prints at work I don't feel up to the task.
So here it is.

I started off with 5in white solid squares-8 of them
A 5in square in either aqua, yellow or gray-1
pieces of aqua, gray or yellow fabric

At first we only need 4 of the white squares and the aqua, yellow or gray pieces.

Start with one square and place a colored square in the corner and just sew from one side to the other at a diagonal. No need to be perfect.

Trim to excess off 

Iron this flap open and then repeat on the other side so the next color overlapps the first corner...as shown in the next picture

Trim the excess off again and press back open

Trim block to 5 or 4.5 in...repeat this process 3 more times

This is what your final block looks like and sew it all together


Mrs.Pickles said...

what the heck I always thought it was a lot harder to make a wonky star. Great tutorial

Mrs.Pickles said...

I just put the link to this post in the comment section of your March post. I hope that is okay. its just such a great tutorial and I didn't want the ladies getting an early start to miss out on it :)

Josie McRazie said...

Great tutorial! But mine is done and posted! LOL I do hope you love it!!!