Dec 5, 2011

Wishing for some sunny days

This past spring I reieved a block of the month kit from my monther in-laws bestie. She had purchased it about 10 years ago and had put together 2 or 3 blocks. She realized she wasn't going to finish it so one day when we were over at there house she gave them to me. It took me a while and was one of the last things I worked on before my bloggy vacation
    So as the weather turned to fall and I decided to make my way back to my sewing nook I was looking for a quick project that would serve as motivation to finish some of the quilt tops I was working on last year and into the spring. This was the first one I grabbed. When I was finishing the blocks this spring I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it finsh I didn't have a finishing kit to finish it.

    The day I was looking at this trying to brainstorm what I wanted to do it rained. Then the sun came out and then it got cloudy and then it got sunny. All of a sudden it hit me, just plain ole Kona Grays!! Since the blocks were called Sunny days and I live in Indiana where when we end the summer it turns gray outside. I still need to add another dark gray border around the edge.


I have been wanting to photograph this top for a while but when I get home from work the sun and all light is pretty much non-existint.  So Saturday morning. I grabbed a jacket and some thick socks and went out to get some pictures. The one above is the sky through my trees. I'm sure many people can reconize this winter sky.
My favorite part of this picture is my dog looking at me like I'm dumb and the fall wreath till on the door.
Luckily after this photo shoot I got busy on my Christmas decorations.

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