Dec 10, 2011

Friday night sew, Saturday afternoon share

Last night I participated in the Friday night sew-in.
 I have done this a couple times and it's a time where you can give yourself a night of from doing everything you normally do and give yourself some time to get some sewing done. I know a lot of people use this time for finishing homemade Christmas stuff, but this year I took the time away from making anything for Christmas. I honestly knew I would be rushing at the last minute to get stuff done so I opted out and decided to buy everything. So this is what I made a giant star following this tutorial. It was really easy to make and it made my hubs happy cause instead of buying anything for this I went and got stuff out of the stash. Granted I did use stuff that I didn't love but I really am liking this quilt. How much you say? I see my self making this for two....not one but two!!!! people for Christmas next year.
 Wouldn't this be nice in burnt orange and white for a Texas Longhorns fan?
Or maybe different reds?

So there ya have it. Its a win-win. Hubs is happy I used stuff up. The kid is happy cause she got to go see a Christmas play downtown with friends and I'm happy cause I just got to get down to some 80's tunes and sew my heart away!
Happy Saturday!

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