Dec 7, 2011

The one with all the cussing

I am so cussing angry today...

The kind of day where you wake up to a child yelling at you cause they didn't do there yearbook application so they can work on yearbook stuff and it's due today.

Then you have to drive to work with the WORST drivers in AMERICA. Bet you didn't realize they live in Indiana.

Then you get to work and get thrown on a project that you were anticipating.

To then getting back into your car and driving back home with the worst drivers in America.

You then go get the same child from this morning who is complaining that she got in trouble at school for not getting her math homework done. (who is this kid and what is her problem? She normally has her homework done before she leaves school)

Get home to an email from said math teacher trying to give you crap about not paying attention to your child's school life. We're on this kid like white on rice when it comes to school work. We just happened to be teaching her a lesson about happens when we put our friends and fun lie before school and getting good grades. She has only never finished her homework this time.....Which is where my somewhat crappy day turned ugly. Who the heck does this lady think she is?

So you think screw the chores cause I can live with delivery pizza and the growing laundry pile, I just wanna touch fabric. I start cutting my fabric for the chasing chevrons quilt-along when I realize I made a mistake when ordering my background fabric and only ordered 2.25yrds when I should have of gotten 3.5yrds. 

Oh well I'm going to make due until my order comes cause I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find any Kona Pacific around here at my LQS.

                                                     Here is most of the fabric cut out.

             This is a mock up of the chevron right after making my hst's before squaring up and pressing.
                                                                  I think I'm in love.

                 Until then Calgon take me away and Papa John's hurry up cause this girl needs dinner.

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