Nov 15, 2011

Marmalade Fabrics

How cute is this package? I really have nothing but amazing things to say right now about Marmalade Fabrics. I placed my order Friday night and I received it Monday!!!! First off look how cute it is all tissue wrapped with a ribbon. LOVE. IT!!!!!                      
 Then to top it off with a handwritten card. Now I know most places write a quick thank you on the receipt but an actual card. So sweet!!!!
I know that a post or two ago I kinda complained about the shipping cost but after checking out the store again I realized I was a moron and instead of paying for 10 dollars in shipping I should have ordered 12 dollars more fabric and got my shipping for free. Pays to read sometimes. I'm kicking my our rear end over that one.

P.S. These ae my chasing chevrons fabric.....LOVE IT!

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Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Gorgeous fabrics you've picked out for the quilt along! The colors and prints looks amazing together.