Nov 11, 2011

Chasing Chevons Quilt-a-long

I've decided to follow allong with the chasing chevons quilt-a-long going on over at That girl...That quilt. Why you may ask? Becuse I need another project like I need a whole in my head.....BUT all this chevon stuff all over the place is super cute and I just really NEED another excuse to buy a bunch of fabric. Don't we all?

I got my fabric here. I have never ordered from Marmalade Fabrics and I have to say while the prices seemed reasonable I wasn't to thrilled to pay more than 5dollars for shipping but it evened it's self out with lower cost of the bundles I got. So because I just ordered this tonight I don't have real life pictures of I ordered so you'll have to make due with the photos off the website.  
I went with the Theory from Khristian Howell with my colored fabrics and Pacific in Kona as my main background filler color

I know I promised pictures of what I worked on the past week but I have yet to take the pictures cause I am that lazy........excuse I've had a kid sick with the flu.....Yucks!!

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